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CPPFES2020A Conduct Routine Inspections and Testing of Fire Extinguishers and Fire Blankets - Product Information Page

RTO Training and Assessment Resources

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Formative Assessment Tool

Our formative assessments are embedded into our Master Assessment Tools which consist of a range of different assessment instruments that are required by this unit for use by your course trainers, assessors, your RTOs compliance manager and, not forgetting, the regulators, or as they are often referred to, the Auditors. 

For this unit, the Master Assessment Tool contains two assessment tasks, they are:

1) Assessment Task One: Written Assessment
2) Assessment Task Two: Practical Assessment

Click the links below to view the technical specifications of each assessment task.


This assessment task consists of 48 questions that are all mapped to the unit of competence. These questions are a mixture of short answer and multiple choice question. This assessment task has been designed to be completed within 1 hour and can be administrated as an open book written assessment conducted under assessment conditions or as an open book written project that can be completed by the participant in their personal study time.

Assessment Task One: Summary

Assessment TASK One contains the following information Information
Student instructions available YES
Assessor instructions available YES
Assessment method and environment, this unit has been designed for:

In Class (Written Assessment) or;

Personal Study (Written Project)

Number of Questions within the assessment task 48
Types of questions Short Answer and Multiple Choice
Assessment duration 60 minutes
Module answers provided YES
Assessor marking guide available YES
Moodle Quiz available YES, On request
Assessment TASK results recording capacity YES
Learner and Assessor declarations YES



This assessment task requires the participant to be observed inspecting and testing fire extinguishers and fire blankets in either a real or simulated workplace*. This assessment task will, at minimum, require your participants to:

  1. Inspect and test a minimum of five fire extinguishers of different types (Water, Powder, Carbon Dioxide, etc...) and;
  2. Inspect a range of different sized or types of fire blankets and;
  3. Update maintenance tags on both fire extinguishers and fire blankets
  4. Conduct a site survey and internal audit of installed fire equipment in agreement with the Australian Standards and BCA.
  5. Obtain and complete work permit and other relevant workplace documents.
  6. Demonstrate and the ability to finalise servicing operation reports and documentation.

* This assessment task has been developed so that it to conforms to both types of assessment environments (real and simulated) without the need to modify the assessment task.

Assessment Task Two: Summary

Assessment TASK Two contains the following information Information
Student Instruction available YES
Assessor Instructions available YES
Assessment environment designed for

On-Site Real Workplace or;

Simulated Environment

Assessment site requirements; information available YES
Assessment duration 60 minutes
Assessor observation checklists available YES, four detailed observation checklists
Sample scenarios available YES
Assessor marking guide available YES
Assessment equipment requirements available YES
Assessment TASK results recording capacity YES
Learner and Assessor declarations YES


General Information - Information you may find useful

General Information Results
Assessments available in MS Word format YES
Unlimited printing and use YES
License for RTO to re-brand materials YES
UPDATES available YES, Free for the lifetime of the unit

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Delivery and Assessment Plan (Schedule)

Our delivery and assessment plan is a detailed document required by your trainers and assessors to ensure that they systematically delivery the necessary topics and learning activities required by the unit of competence. Our delivery and assessment plan also guides your assessor with the scheduling and administration of assessments.

An ITS delivery and assessment plan has been created with industry engagement and aims to approach every delivery and assessment session in a practical approach. Your delivery and assessment plan will come pre-populated with information on both the delivery and assessment of the unit. This document will include the required learning topics, suggest learning activities, and provide you with a proposed assessment schedule for the unit, however, as this product is provided to you in MS Word format you are free to alter and change the document, the number of sessions the method of delivery etc, to suit your RTOs delivery and assessment needs. 

The delivery and assessment plan is also an Audit requirement as an RTO must provide evidence of having a delivery and assessment plan in place before commencing with the delivery and assessment of the unit.


The following information is found in our delivery and assessment plans

  1. Unit overview including proposed assessment and training hours
  2. Unit application
  3. Licensing or regulatory requirements
  4. Attendance policy
  5. Personal study commitment
  6. Target learners
  7. Training and assessment strategy location
  8. Required resources
  9. Unit assessment task (General information)
  10. OHS/WHS considerations
  11. Unit objective, learning outcomes
  12. Delivery methods (General information)
  13. Authorised trainer(s), facilitator(s), and assessor(s)
  14. Learning environment (General information)
  15. Location of the unit of competence
  16. Session resources (location of presentations, learner guides etc...)
  17. Support resources,
  18. Additional trainer notes
  19. Delivery and assessment schedule (plan)

    1. Pre-unit personal study session, if relevant
    2. Delivery sessions, the number of sessions depends on the unit of competence
    3. Assessment module includes a proposed scheduled of how to administrate the assessment.
  20. Student support service on offer
  21. Assessment location information


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Audit Mapping Document

Our audit mapping document visually demonstrates how our learning materials and assessment tasks are aligned to the full unit of competence including the required skills, required knowledge, and the assessment requirements.

This document is a primary document for your RTOs compliance officer.


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Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS)

Our Training and Assessment Strategy or 'TAS' as it is often referred to, visually portrays the intended delivery and assessment approach. It states information required by an RTO to demonstrate, in an audit, how your RTO has the capacity, the resources, the equipment, and the staffing in place to securely delivery and assess the units of the course or qualification.

Our TAS provides you with a structure for the administration of this stand alone unit for learning and assessment which results in a nationally recognised qualification and statement of attainment. As well as stating the desired outcomes, our TAS outlines the units to be undertaken, the structure of the course, an assessment summary, the resources that will be used and other assessment and validation processes.

This primary document used by your RTOs compliance officer, trainers, and assessors and becomes part of the initial stages of any addition to scope audit.


Each version of this TAS comes with a Version Control Document Register that summarises the continuous improvement that has occurred throughout the units life span.

Our Training and Assessment Strategy includes detailed information on:

Qualification Overview
Qualification overview Units of Competence
Qualification Packaging rules Learners and Clients
Course Delivery
Learning environment and facilities Course Duration
Volume of learning Mode of delivery
Delivery arrangements Student support
Student resources (required by student) Additional student resources (provided by RTO)
Trainer and assessor learning and assessment resources Trainer and assessor - additional resources
Review procedure of equipment and resources Learning and career pathways
Entry requirements Foundation skills
Recognition of prior learning (RPL)   Course structure and delivery and assessment plans
Assessment process Assessment validation
Assessment moderation Assessment feedback
Evidence gathering techniques    
Industry Regulations and Engagement
Industry legislation, regulations and guidelines Trainer and assessor consultation
Industry engagement Industry engagement history
Other industry engagement    
Human Resources
Training package requirements for staff Staff involved in the delivery and assessment
Staff matrix    
General Information
Transition arrangements Review of training and assessment strategy (TAS)
RTO infrastructure summary    
CEO Approval Statement    
Appendix - NOTE: The Appendix is only used during a site Audit, or for an Additional to Scope application. The appendix will prompt you to include other supporting documents such as your course timetable, delivery and assessment plans, industry engagement records, etc...
Appendix 1 Appendix 2
Appendix 3 Appendix 4



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Relevant Supporting Documents

This unit comes with the following supporting documents:

  1. Copy of the relevant section of the AS 1851-2012
  2. Copy of the relevant section of the AS 2444-2001 (Selection and Location)
  3. Copy of the Essential Safety Measurers Maintenance Manual
  4. Fire Extinguisher Service Guide
  5. Copy of the ODS and SGG Code of Practice


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Learner Guide

Our learner guides are provided to you in MS Word format allowing you an unlimited number reprints within your organisation. You are free to add your own Logo or modify the information as required by your RTO. All our learner guides are written to the specifications of each unit of competence and contains information that is easy to follow and visually pleasing.

Best of all, just with all our other products, every time we update the format, information or references within our learner guide you will receive notification and a link to download the free update.


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Trainer's Presentation

This unit comes with a trainer presentation that is based on the Learner Guide. Our Trainers presentations are created in Prezi. As with our Learner Guides, each and every time our presentations are updated, you will automatically receive the update.


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Industry Engagement Form

Including in this package is our Industry Engagement form and template. In accordance with the Standards and Guidelines of RTOs, you must engage with industry to determine how your training should be delivered and assessed. This document guides you through the consultation process and provides you with the ability to record the contributions made by industry. This document will assist your program coordinator, training manager or compliance officer to overcome the  barriers to engagement generally experienced with industry.

As part of your purchase, we will provide you with the records of our own Industry Engagement sessions as well as our Template to allow you to effectively engage with industry.


The following sections of this document will guide you through, and allow you to record, effective industry engagement:

  1. Industry consultants details
  2. Industry engagement facilitator details
  3. Training and assessment strategy details
  4. Industry engagement question, these consist of:
    • 5 x questions on the training and assessment strategy
    • 2 x questions on the elective units of competence
    • 4 x questions on the proposed course outcomes
    • 1 x questions on trainers and assessors 
    • 2 x questions on the proposed course assessment
    • 3 x questions on the proposed RTO resources
    • 9 x questions on generic industry information (legislation, regulations, etc)
    • Acceptance of training and assessment proposal
  5. Validation of Assessments
    • 10 x questions on the assessment approach and outcomes
  6. Industry Engagement on the proposed equipment and resources the RTO intends to use
    • Focus on Currency, sufficiency, and effectiveness of proposed equipment and resources
    • 6 x questions on currency of equipment and resources
    • 2 x questions on sufficiency of equipment and resources
    • 3 x questions on the effectiveness of equipment and resources
    • 3 x questions on generic industry used equipment and resources
  7. Improvement Log/Register
  8. RTO Acknowledgement


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Course Timetable | Schedule - Template

Our timetable template allows you to quickly and easy create a course scheduled that is appropriate to your RTOs intended delivery requirements. As with all our other documents, we have pre-populated the timetable with our proposed delivery and assessment scheduled ready for you to modify as you and your team see fit.


Payment Plans Available


We understand the need for quality training and assessment resources, and we also understand one of the biggest challenges facing your business is managing your cash flow. Intelligent Training Solutions has an interest-free direct debit payment plan that allows you to receive access to your resources upfront without having to pay for them in full.

For more information, simply contact us on 03 9350 7420 or email us through the 'Explore ITS' menu tab located in the top blue menu bar. Terms and conditions apply.


FREE Updates Available


Upon purchase of any training and assessment resource, you become eligible to receive free electronic updates of any purchased materials where the update is based entirely on the relevant Industry Skills Council or relevant regulation body of the previous edition/version of the unit, and where the unit code has not changed, nor has it been re-sent by the Industry Skills Council or relevant regulation body for endorsement by the VET sector governing body. 

For more information, please visit our terms and conditions located in the online store.