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HLTAID004 Provide Emergency First Aid Response in an Education and Care Setting – Blended Course – Attwood (near Tullamarine) – 18th November 2017

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HLTAID004 Provide Emergency First Aid Response in an Education and Care Setting - Attwood - 18th Nov 17
All presentations, videos and quizzes are available online. This enrolment also Includes a FREE downloadable version of the HLTAID004 Learner Guide with Student Assessment for those who prefer to complete the theory component in written format.
OPTIONAL - First Aid Learner Guide with Student Assessment - PRINTED COPY
A FREE PDF version is available for download after enrolment. Only students who prefer a Hard Copy of this resource should select this option.
All first aid certificates will be sent electronically via digitally signed secured PDF. This option is for people who would like a printed copy of their Certificate sent to them via REGISTERED POST. Delivery times are estimated between 1 to 4 days according to Australia Post.



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