Teenage Survival Program

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Teenage Survival Program

It comes with great pleasure that Intelligent Training Solutions can now offer our Teenage Survival Program to Secondary Schools across Australia. This program builds from our hugely successful Safe Driver Program that we have delivered to thousands of students in hundreds of Secondary Schools since 2005.

Intelligent Training Solutions has been working feverishly developing new contacts, content and structure for our existing secondary school programs. With this experience we have developed a program that can fit almost any budget and timeframe.

We can offer your school timetabled programs with VET units of competence and Nationally Accredited Certificates, through to one-off guest speaker visits in any of our course topics.

This program is offered as a “Pick-a-Part” program, allowing Secondary Schools to choose the components of the program that they would like delivered to their students. Teenage Survival Program
This program is open to all schools, our trainers will visit at a time and date that suits you and your school, making it convenient and flexible.

Our Teenage Survival Program package contains the following short courses / topics:
Teenage Survival Program Introduction Presentation
Apply First Aid
SafeDriver Program
OHS with Workplace Bullying 2014 Amendments
Cyber Safety and Social Media
Teenage Sexual Health Education Program
Wealth Creation and Management

Please click on individual courses or topics for detailed information.

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Training Location

We are committed to this community based program which is delivered on campus at your school. Regardless of your class size or school’s location we will endeavour to deliver this program to your students.

Outcomes and Evidence (VCAL Outcomes)

We offer assessment support for schools wanting evidence based participation. Our program has been mapped to Victoria’s VCAL outcomes. If required, similar mapping can also be provided to NSW, QLD, NT, WA, SA and TAS in order to address any requirements specific to each states criteria. Participants who choose to enrol into our VET units of competence will receive a nationally recognised Certificate and/or Statement of Attainment.

As a teacher or program coordinator you will be able to organise the program knowing that proof of participation and results contributing to your student’s portfolio will be completed on most occasions within a ten day turnaround of completion of the program.

NOTE: The enrolled units of competence do not constitute a formal qualification and therefore will have no effect on your student’s ability to enrol into a Higher Education or TAFE course in the future.

2014 Course Fees | Program Price

There are a number of considerations involved when formulating a price for this program such as the number of topics to be delivered, location of delivery etc… depending upon your choices, this program can be delivered from anywhere between $10.00 per student to $400.00 per student. We would suggest contacting our office and speaking with our Training Manager to discuss the costs involved with your school.

Our History and Goal

Over the last 15 years Intelligent Training Solutions (formally known as Drive National Training, Cameron’s DriveSafe Australia and LYNX Driving School) have been delivering youth and adult educational programs that have been focused on life saving and life changing skills.

More recently, in 2005 Intelligent Training Solutions (Drive National Training) started a Secondary School focused program called the “Safe Driver Program”. Unlike any other course that focused on road safety, our Safe Driver Program worked with students weekly or fortnightly over a period of 3 to 12 months educating students on topics such as:

  1. Attitude Awareness
  2. Risk indicators and behaviours
  3. Carrying out vehicle inspections
  4. Select a safe vehicle (How not to buy a lemon as a first car)
  5. Vehicle servicing and maintenance
  6. Interpret road maps (using a Melways and GPS)
  7. Fatigue management behind the wheel
  8. Drive vehicle (the information not always taught in a Driving School)
  9. Apply safe driving behaviours
  10. First Aid (with a driver and workplace focus)

Our Safe Driver Program saw Intelligent Training Solutions financially sponsor over 3200 participants through this course at no cost to the participant or the school.

Like all our programs, our Safe Driver Program is informative, engaging and practical grasping the attention of what was considered by most Secondary School teachers as the most disengaged students.

Our other courses focused on wealth creation, sexual health and First Aid. This year we decided to link them all together to create our Teenage Survival Program.

Young and inexperienced people are over represented in crash statistics.

Young and inexperienced people are over represented in workplace accidents. Students are exposed to bullying in schools, online and in our workplaces.

We have secured amazing individuals who are true industry leaders and passionate in their areas of expertise in order to design and develop our Teenage Survival Program. Intelligent Training Solutions is offering your students an opportunity to learn valuable life changing and life-saving information.

Cyber safety, social media, road safety, wealth creation, bullying and harassment are among the most significant educational, social, lifestyle and workplace challenges that effect young people today…. The benefits are obvious.

Bookings and Enrolments

If you are interested and would like to speak with our Training Manager in more detail or wish to make a booking for your school or class please contact our office by completing our Enquiry Form.

We look forward to visiting your school soon.