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Thank you for taking an interest in our TLI41218 Certificate IV Transport and Logistics (Road Transport – Car Driving Instruction) course. Our team consist of driver trainers that work exclusively in the ACT and are qualified Driving Instructors and LTOs with Access Canberra. Our classroom and support staff are industry experts that work throughout the ACT, South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria. Our TLI41218 car driving instructor course offers participants an insight into small-business, allowing each student to graduate ahead of the driver training pack.

Upon successful completion, you can commence full-time, part-time or casual work with a driving school or get straight into self-employed work. This nationally accredited course includes the skills and knowledge required to be successful as a driving instructor able to seek employment in fields such as learn-to-drive, pre-driver education, and defensive driver training.

Your ability to make a difference and deliver great education starts with your choice to receive a great education with Intelligent Training Solutions. Our staff are all active participants in the driver training and transport & logistics industry.

Our course goes above and beyond the standard Certificate IV criteria as we teach and share with you our experiences of the last 20+years within the driver training and transport industry. Regardless if you plan to become self-employed, work full-time, part-time, or as a casual employee for a driving school, we will be here to guide you through the process with first-hand knowledge and experience.

Most importantly, long after you have completed your course with us, long after you have started your career, Intelligent Training Solutions will still be here to support and guide you in this industry. An ITS student is a student for life!


Our course includes the following Nationally Accredited Units of Competency:


PLEASE NOTE: To become an ADI (Accredited Driving Instructor) all applicants are required to complete the TLISS00162 Driving Instructor Skills Set course in addition to this qualification. The skills set is a unique ACT regulatory requirement supporting the delivery of the ACT’s Competency Based Training and Assessment scheme, which sees ADI’s undertake driver licensing assessment on behalf of the ACT Road Transport Authority.

(This course is from the TLI Transport and Logistics Training Package –

The TLI41218 is the latest version of the driving instructor qualification and is required by any person wishing to apply for an Accredited Driving Instructor (ADI) licence to be a driving instructor with Access Canberra (ACT). This course has been developed to provide you with the information, training and skills you will require to become a professional driving instructor allowing you to start work immediately, turning you into a valuable asset to any driving school or driver training business.*

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Intelligent Training Solutions will train you to the requirements of the TLI41218 qualification. The TLI41218 is the ONLY nationally recognised compulsory benchmark in and throughout Australia.

In addition to this qualification, Access Canberra applicants are required to meet the ACT regulatory requirements. To do this you will be required to, as specified on the Access Canberra website, complete the requirements stated on Please click the link below to view the Access Canberra requirements.



Once you have successfully completed this course, you will have the skills and knowledge required to start your new career as a qualified professional driving instructor. To become qualified, you will need to meet Access Canberra’s requirements which include providing them with a copy of your Certificate of Completion for this qualification.

Once qualified, you get to decide your new career and can choose between full-time, part-time or casual employment with an established driving school or as an independent driving instructor working for yourself.


Once you have successfully completed this qualification, it is recommended that you complete the TLISS00162 Driving Instructor Skill Set. This Skill Set provides you with the skills and knowledge required to become a Licence Testing Officer (LTO) capable of undertaking driver licence assessments on behalf of Access Canberra.  Refer to our TLISS00162 web page for more information.

For those wishing to use this qualification and the skills and knowledge gained throughout the course in a higher education setting, you may also be interested in the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course.


Prior to enrolling into this qualification, it is recommended that you meet the following requirements as stated by Access Canberra:

  • You are at least 21 years old;
  • You hold a current full Australian car licence or full Australian licence of a higher class; (not learner, provisional, probationary, or restricted);
  • You hold a current working with vulnerable people registration (where applying from 08th November 2017);
  • be medically fit;
  • have no prior convictions for a disqualifying offence within the last five years;

Prior to obtaining an Accredited Driving Instructor (ADI) licence:

  • Complete the Certificate IV in Driving Instruction qualification (This course);
  • Have a public liability insurance policy for at least $5,000,00 that insures you against liability in relation to the death of, or bodily injury to a person caused by or arising out of the use of a motor vehicle for providing driving instruction and assessment; and,
  • If you intend to provide your own vehicle, it must be fitted with dual controls that have been inspected and approved by the Road Transport Authority (an engineer’s certificate will be required upon inspection)


We have two different enrolment options for you when it comes to enrolling into this qualification. We suggest contacting our office to discuss these enrolment options in detail, however, in the meantime click on either of the two options below for technical information related to each option.



We are both proud and confident to say that we would have the most unique, informative and interactive student portal in Australia for this qualification!

We have worked tirelessly on our student portal to provide you with an educational pathway that delivers more variety, interactivity and meaningful information using a variety of platforms than any other provider. We have quite literally picked up our full-time course and placed it on our student portal where you can access it at any time and in any place.

Over the years we have created in-house learning materials that include interactive presentations, animations, pre-recorded videos, live webinars, industry-approved texts, additional support materials and much, much more to ensure that our blended delivery course delivers you the same learning, qualification, employment outcomes and opportunities when compared to our full-time course. Best of all, we have put the hard work into our Portal and our learning materials to ensure that your experience on this course is simple and stress-free. You will be provided with a clean, easy to use and simple to navigate Portal were the information you need is never more than three clicks away. Our course contains materials for all learning styles (Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic) yet you will never need to learn how to use different computer programs or platforms as our Portal handles it all.

Our blended delivery course is not an online course where you are left to your own devices to become overwhelmed and uninspired to complete the course. It is not just another student portal where endless amounts of text and data have been dumped and left to die along with your chances of becoming a successful driver trainer.

Our portal will provide you with access to everything you require to successfully complete the different sections of the qualification at your convenience. You will regularly have contact with us and access to unparalleled support to fill in any gaps.


Student support is a cornerstone of our organisation. If you are a full time, part-time or blended student with Intelligent Training Solutions, you will always have access to your course trainers or support officers, both before and after the completion of your course. Whether you wish to engage our services on a daily basis, once a week or in blocks is up to you. We have scheduled student support times as well as an ability to generate a support service at any time via our website. Support for this qualification is available in the following formats and times:

FACE TO FACEMON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI8.45am to 4.45pm

*NOTE: Responses to email support requests will occur during the times stated above, however, responses may be delayed up to 24 hours. If your support enquiry is urgent we recommend calling us.


Before you enrol in this course, our enrolment officer will arrange to see you either in person or via a live video conference. During this meeting, you will be presented with a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for this course. The information contained in our PDS expands on the information found on this webpage or that is supplied to you over the phone when you first enquire with us. Prior to enrolment, one of our team will walk you through this document highlighting any expectations and providing you with a transparent understanding of your commitment to this course.



If you would like to enrol into this highly rewarding course you must complete the enrolment process below. To being your enrolment process, simply click the button below of the course you wish to enrol in.

To download a PDF version of the enrolment form, visit the Student Administration section of our website or contact our office and speak with our administration team during business hours.


Once you have completed step one, your enrolment officer will submit your forms together with any other paperwork to our administration office. Once received the following process will be applied:

  1. You will receive a confirmation text message (SMS) from us to inform you that we have received your enrolment form. This text message may take between 1 to 12 hours to arrive as this message is only sent once our team have your enrolment form in hand.
  2. For our blended delivery students, our administration team will call you to arrange your first face to face appointment with your trainer. If you are a part-time student, then your first face to face appointment will be on day one of your course.
  3. You will receive a number of emails from us. These are all important emails and must be read carefully. These emails may take between 1 to 24 hours to arrive and include:

    1. A welcome letter which will contain information and instructions on how to access your course along with your trainer’s contact details, location and time of your scheduled training. Our welcome letters also contain details about your first face to face or class appointment as well as student portal login credentials.
    2. A TAX invoice or receipt for your records regardless of your preferred payment option.
    3. An email containing information on your USI requirements for nationally accredited courses
  4. You will then receive a final text message (SMS) informing you that your enrolment has been processed. This final text message will also list the different emails we have sent you so that you can cross-check your email inbox to ensure you have received all our correspondence.



This course will is delivered from the following training venues:


There are no listed or identified entry requirements for this qualification within the training package. An inspection of the units of competency suggests that students wishing to enrol into this qualification should:

  1. Possess a current, full and unrestricted Australian drivers licence
  2. Fulfil all of the relevant state or territory regulatory requirements. Please refer to the Access Canberra website for further information
  3. Have LLN (Language, Literacy and Numeracy) skills equivalent to Level 3 or higher of the ACSF, which identifies adult English language, literacy and numeracy language indicators of competence.

NOTE: You will be required to complete an LLN indication assessment prior to your enrolment being accepted into this course. If you have any concerns about the LLN assessment please speak with us first as we are always happy to help.*

*Students who demonstrate LLN skills that are below a Level 3 can still participate and are expected to successfully complete this course, however, you will be encouraged to join our part-time course to ensure that our staff can provide you with the LLN support you may require.


The following criteria have been identified as recommended through industry engagement when undertaking this qualification as they reflect the job function of a driver trainer.

Organisations such as the Road Traffic Authority established driving schools (large, small and solo operators) recommend that all participants wishing to become a Qualified Driving Instructor should have:

  1. Have reasonable computer skills to be able to create a document (such as a TAX invoice) and browse the internet (for researching road rules, regulations and communicating with professional associations, industry groups and clubs. – Note: Computer skills will also be required for our blended delivery and part-time students. Our full-time students will have the support of their trainers and assessment and therefore won’t need computer skills in order to successfully participate and complete this qualification.
  2. Have the ability to competently drive a manual vehicle without assistance. – This requirement is mandated by Access Canberra. Anybody wishing to become a driving instructor in the ACT will need to know how to drive a manual vehicle
  3. Provide primary acceptable proof of identification
  4. Provide secondary proof of identification
  5. Meet the medical standards for licensing of commercial vehicle drivers as set out in the publication assessing fitness to drive.
  6. Complete an informed consent form provided by Access Canberra
  7. Pass a driver history check. Applicants will be checked for serious or frequent traffic offences.

NOTE: Please speak with your enrolment officer if you have any concerns with the recommended industry requirements.


Each unit of competence within this qualification will be assessed. All assessments will be based on the principles of competency-based training & assessment (CBT&A). A successful outcome for this course will be determined by a range of different methods including:

  • Assessment or student workbook
  • Written assessment
  • Observation of simulated and practical activities
  • Structured questioning and discussion
  • Written or verbal questioning at the completion of each session.


Intelligent Training Solutions will consider any credit or exemptions for previous studies or industry experience you have obtained. This may be through formal or informal training, paid or unpaid work experience. An application for DCT or RPL will be completed via a formal interview process prior to your enrolment. Further information is available by contacting our administration office and speaking with our training manager.


All learning and assessment materials required by this qualification will be provided to you as part of your enrolment into this course. Learning and assessment materials are provided to you in PDF or Microsoft Word (electronic) format.

If you prefer hard printed copies of your course materials, you are able to purchase a course folder from Intelligent Training Solutions. Course folders are charged at $99 and contain:

  • The student hand-out materials for each unit of competence
  • The student assessment tools used on the course.
  • Any learning materials that are in addition to the online presentations and videos

NOTE: Student learner guides are NOT provided in this course folder, instead we have contextualised the information of these units into an online presentation that you will have full access to as part of your Student Portal.


In addition to the above,  you will also be required to supply your own resources as follows:

  1. Working pens and highlighters
  2. A4 lined workbooks for taking notes
  3. An active email address
  4. A working computer or laptop with the following programs installed:
    • Microsoft Word 365 or higher – (NOTE: Microsoft’s free OPEN Office software is also acceptable)
    • The latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
    • The latest version of Adobe PDF Reader – This is a FREE program available for download online.
    • Access to the Internet (ADSL2+ or 3G is the minimum requirement)
  5. USB memory stick (minimum 4 Gig).
  6. UV approved sunglasses, Sunscreen 50+ minimum, Sun hat and suitable shoes for driving. No thongs or bare feet will be allowed in our vehicles


The following resources are provided to you via PDF file format and are generally available free of charge (as a PDF) from their publishers, however, it is strongly recommended that you consider purchasing printed copies of these textbooks to keep with you throughout the course and in your vehicle, once you become qualified as a driving instructor. Every driving instructor should have a printed copy of the road rules, regulations and testing criteria with them while on the job.

Author Title of Book Approximate Price
Information Victoria Bookshop Road Safety Road Rules 2017 $53.44 + $19.95P&H
Information Victoria Bookshop Road Safety Road Rules Amendment Rules 2019 $4.22 + 9.95 P&H
Access ACT ACT Provisional Car Licence Assessment Standards TBC
Access ACT ACT Road Rules Handbook TBC
Access ACT ADI CBT & A Checklist TBC
Access ACT Driving Instructor and Assessment Code of Practice TBC
Access ACT Driving Instructor and Assessment Code of Practice – NOTES TBC

* Prices for the above publications may change without notice.



Once you have successfully completed this course, you will be issued with a Record of Results and a Certificate of Completion within 30 days of your final successful assessment*.

*A student’s results and/or certificate will only be issued to a student once all enrolment fees have been paid in full with the exception of those student’s on a PayRight payment plan (interest-free student loan).


The following websites have been provided for your reference only and should assist you when making a decision about your career.

  1. Access ACT – Access Canberra ACT are the regulators for the Car and Heavy Vehicle Driving Instructor industry in the ACT


We strongly recommend checking out the reviews people have left for us on Google as we believe that live reviews and ratings speak volumes compared to the static snippets of favourable reviews most other training providers put on their websites.

Below is a live feed from our Google reviews. Please note as this is an unfiltered feed, the reviews listed below are from students of every course we deliver. If you wish to find a specific review on this course you may need to look through the list. 🙂

Intelligent Training Solutions
Reviewed from Google

4.8 out of 5 stars

George Mike
George Mike

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

I recently completed a driver instructor course. The Team of trainers are excellent and do whatever in their capacity to help you understand the theoretical and practical side of the course. Really very satisfied with them.

Basma Habash
Basma Habash

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

Very good and helpful teaching, they communicate with you very well and help you when you are struggling.

Cedar Taliambes
Cedar Taliambes

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

Excellent engaging training! Best First Aid course I’ve done! Keep up the great work!!

Abby-Rose McIntosh
Abby-Rose McIntosh

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

I had the most amazing experience studying through ITS!! I could not recommend this company enough! They made my time with them stress free and they were all so helpful! I honestly could not thank everyone enough.
A special thank you to Vera for supporting me all the way through and always showing me you were more then happy to help and guide me through! I honestly couldn’t of done it without you! I appreciate it so much! ❤️

James Chandler
James Chandler

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

Been using ITS for many years now . Always brilliant . They always keep up to date Wirh latest info. Today included COVID safety in class as well as out there giving first aid . Video and materials always updated . My son comes with me now as I’m a firm believer everyone needs first aid . James and Andi highly recommend

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