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Driving Instructor courses in Victoria, Australia

A driving instructor course may be the right move if you are looking to make a career change or get a qualification that both improves your job opportunities, job satisfaction and pay bracket.   

Intelligent Training Solutions has been involved with the delivery and development of the Car Driving Instructors course since 2001 back when the qualification was a Certificate III in Road Transport (Motor Vehicle Driving Instruction). Since that time, we have designed, developed, sold, tested, delivered and assessed course materials for Kangan Batman Tafe, Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE, and the TDT- SA (Industry Skills Council). Intelligent Training Solution, previously known as Drive National Training, was also the first training provider to offer this qualification throughout multiple states in Australia. 

We currently remain the only provider of the TLI41218 Certificate IV in Transport & Logistics (Road Transport – Car Driving Instructor) qualification to offer Victorian students the option of three delivery formats and the addition of the TLISS000162 Driving Instructor Skill Set for those wanting to advance their career further. We are one of the few, if not the only provider to deliver the TLI41218 Certificate IV in Car Driving Instruction course in its entirety and are well-known throughout the industry for going above and beyond the qualification requirements to ensure you start your new career at the top of the industry.

What is a driving instructor?


A driving instructor is anyone who, for-profit/gain or as part of their trade or business, teaches an unlicensed person to drive a motor vehicle on a public or open road. In Victoria, professional driving instructors must hold a Driving Instructor Authority (DIA) when teaching an unlicensed person to drive a car. This blog contains the criteria you must meet and the application process you must go through to become a driving instructor. 

The process of becoming a driving instructor in Victoria

The process or application criteria for becoming a driving instructor in Victoria is straight forward and can be completed over a 8 to 24 week period. The licensing authority in Victoria is known as the Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria or CPVV for short, and you will need to meet the application conditions below:

      • Hold a current full Victorian driver licence.
      • Provide proof of identification documents
      • Successfully complete the TLI41216 or TLI41218 Certificate IV in Transport & Logistics (Road Transport – Car Driving Instruction).
        This must be accompanied by a letter advising if the training was completed in a manual or automatic vehicle
      • You must meet the medical standards for commercial vehicle driving as set out in the publication Assessing Fitness to Drive 2016 produced by Austroads.
      • Pass a traffic history check. Applications will be checked for serious or frequent traffic offences. A history of serious or frequent breaches of the Road Safety Act 1986 may, in the absence of compelling evidence to the contrary, disqualify a person from being granted a DIA.
      • Hold a current Working with Children’s Check (issued for ‘Employment’ purposes) if you intend to instruct students under the age of 18 years on a regular basis.


Studying to become a driving instructor: Things to look out for!

Do your homework BEFORE you enrol in a course. Many students make the mistake of not researching their course or the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) behind the qualification before they enrol. There is an increasing number of so-called ‘training providers’ in the market at the moment all claiming to deliver and accredit you with the TLI41218 Certificate IV in Transport & Logistics (Car Driving Instruction) qualification; however, when you look beyond the surface of their marketing and sales pitch you will find something very different at the heart of it. 

Over the last 20 years, students who have ended up training with Intelligent Training Solutions have reported on various deceptions or on the shortcomings of ‘training providers’ within the Vocational Education and Training (VET) industry. Let us be clear here, we are not just referring to the Car Driving Instruction qualification, although this qualification does also have its fair share of cowboys. So what are we talking about and what do you need to watch out for?

Private businesses pretending to be RTOs

One of the biggest deceptions currently circulating are private businesses leading students to believe that they are a Registered Training Provider (RTO) able to accredit students in Nationally Recognised Qualifications when the truth is that no private business has the authority to issue qualifications recognised within the Australian Quality Training Framework AQTF.

So how are private businesses delivering the course?

When you look beyond the surface of marketing, you will notice one of three things:


The first will be the lack of an RTO number that matches the business promoting the course. Each registered training organisation is issued with an RTO number, registered with When you search for the RTO in you will be provided with the registration status of the RTO, a list of the approved courses that the RTO is authorised to deliver, and a list of the states in which the RTO can operate. Businesses masquerading as registered training providers do not have an RTO number, instead, somewhere in their small print, they will inform you that they are ‘partnered’ with an RTO and deliver the course on the RTOs behalf. In most situations, these partnerships or ‘third party arrangements’ have either not been approved by the RTO regulator (ASQA/VRQA) especially in situations where an interstate private business is claiming to deliver a qualification in Victoria. The problem with this type of arrangement is that it leaves you, the student, vulnerable and dealing with a private business that cannot be held accountable for the quality of their training, or the standard and accuracy of their learning materials.

For more information on this topic, please click here to visit the ASQA website.


Durtion of the course


Transparency in marketing    

Learn to be a driving instructor: What is involved with studying the TLI41218 qualification?


Driving Instructor Training: How Long It Takes

Completing the TLI41218 Certificate IV consists of twelve units of study, ranging from five hours to 60 hours each. The driving instructor course is a 435 hour nationally accredited course, so full-time study with Intelligent Training Solutions will take seven and a half weeks. Participants who cannot join a full-time course have the option of joining our blended delivery and/ or part-time courses. These courses are flexible in delivery, with students generally requiring between 16 and 24 weeks.

The Cost Of Driving Instructor Courses

The course fees for driving instructor training courses are dependent on whether you are eligible for government funding. Depending on the state you live in, a full-time, fee for service (non-government-funded) course with Intelligent Training Solutions will cost $5,528.00 for Car and $7,340.28 for Heavy Vehicle. 

Currently, government funding is only available to those living in Victoria through AITAC (RTO: 3591) and will cost $3,314.70 for Car and 3,829.50 for Heavy Vehicle.

Payment options and 24-month interest-free payment plans are available to all students. In addition, discounts are available for those who are interested in dual qualifications.

Choose Intelligent Training Solutions

After completing the TLI41218 Certificate IV course, the next step in your journey requires you to meet your States regulator obligations for holding a driving instruction accreditation or licence. For most states, this will be as easy as submitting an application to your relevant driving instructor government sector, together with a copy of your TLI41218 Certificate. However, some regulators, such as DIT in South Australia, will, in addition to the course, require you to pass a regulator knowledge and driving assessment before issuing you with a driving instruction licence.  The ACT will require you to complete TLISS00162 and attend an Access Canberra information session. 

As part of our service to you, Intelligent Training Solutions is more than happy to help you with the entire process of studying, obtaining your qualification, submitting your application and finding employment. 

Enrol online today or contact us now for further information.