Climbing to Success: Top 5 Skills Taught in a Working at Heights Course

By News Xtend Digital / 22/05/2023
Construction and industry training prepares Victorian workers to safely do their jobs every day. Intelligent Training Solutions leads the way...
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Confined Spaces Training: Mitigating Risks in Hazardous Environments

By News Xtend Digital / 08/05/2023
A confined space is an enclosed area with limited access and potential hazards such as a harmful atmosphere. Many Victorians...
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The Importance of First Aid Training: Be Prepared for Any Emergency

By News Xtend Digital / 17/04/2023
First aid training in Melbourne is highly recommended and even required in many industries to ensure staff are prepared for...
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Start a New and Rewarding Career as a Fire Extinguisher Service Technician

By Alex Mueller / 13/04/2023
  Are you looking for a fulfilling and financially rewarding career with flexible hours and the ability to work across...
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VIC First Aid Courses: Building Confidence Saving Lives

By News Xtend Digital / 03/04/2023
First aid courses in Melbourne are valuable to people in many different fields. You can never be too safe, and...
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The on-going effects Road Accidents have on your life and why programs such as the Road Safety Skill Set should be taught in Secondary Schools.

By Alex Mueller / 30/03/2023
Road trauma or traffic accidents can have profound and lasting impacts on a person's life, both in the present and...
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The Importance of Road Safety Programs in Victorian Secondary Schools

By Alex Mueller / 29/03/2023
Road safety is a crucial aspect of modern life, potentially saving lives and preventing injuries. In Victoria and throughout Australia,...
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What Is the Best Part of Being a Driving Instructor AU?

By News Xtend Digital / 20/03/2023
Driving is a huge part of daily life in Australia with over 20 million registered vehicles nationwide. Proper training is...
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Employee Guide to Working Safely in Confined Spaces

By News Xtend Digital / 06/03/2023
Many Victorian industries require work in confined spaces, and proper training is absolutely essential to ensure employees are educated on...
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Educator & Carers First Aid Training Melbourne

By News Xtend Digital / 20/02/2023
Carers, teachers and school staff regularly enrol in first aid courses Melbourne, and for good reason. First aid CPR training...
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What is Defensive Driving and Where Can I Learn in VIC?

By News Xtend Digital / 06/02/2023
Ready to take your road safety knowledge to new heights? Intelligent Training Solutions offers a driving instructor course and leads...
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Quick Checklist for Test and Tag of Your Fire Extinguishers

By News Xtend Digital / 02/02/2023
Looking for new career opportunities? Intelligent Training Solutions provides training for individuals and organisations looking to upskill. Fire extinguisher testing...
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Why First Aid Courses should NOT be 100% Online

By Alex Mueller / 25/01/2023
It should be no surprise that the 100% Online First Aid course took off during the COVID-19 pandemic. Government-directed lockdowns...
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First Aid Courses: First Aid Response Guide VIC

By News Xtend Digital / 16/01/2023
There are many benefits to taking first aid courses in Melbourne. Individuals and businesses can enhance skills and gain a...
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Practical Guide to Heights Courses in Victoria

By Alex Mueller / 26/12/2022
Finding the right working at heights course is essential for ensuring safety and legislative compliance. Intelligent Training Solutions offer a...
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What are the Emergency Lighting Test and Tag Requirements in Victoria?

By Alex Mueller / 19/12/2022
Test and tag procedures exist for emergency lighting to ensure safety and proper function in every building in case of...
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Choosing the Right Driving Instructor Course for You

By Alex Mueller / 12/12/2022
When you learn to be a driving Instructor, you get to educate people on the safe and effective operation of...
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Common Hazards That Make Confined Spaces Dangerous

By Alex Mueller / 09/12/2022
A confined space refers to any hazardous enclosed or partially enclosed space with limited or restricted access and is intended...
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What are the 6 Classes of Fire Extinguishers in Victoria?

By Alex Mueller / 28/11/2022
The right fire equipment can be the first line of defence against a fire hazard. In Australia, there are 6...
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Is it Worth Being a Driving Instructor in Victoria?

By Alex Mueller / 21/11/2022
Before enrolling in a driving instructor course, it’s well worth considering whether being a driving instructor is right for you....
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