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A Comprehensive Overview of the Silica Awareness Course

By News Xtend Digital / 18/06/2024
In various industries such as construction, mining, and manufacturing, silica exposure is a critical concern. Silica, a mineral found in...
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How a Silica Course Can Protect You from Occupational Hazards

By News Xtend Digital / 04/06/2024
Enrolling in a silica course equips workers with critical knowledge about the hazards associated with silica dust. Intelligent Training Solutions...
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The Importance of Confined Spaces Training for Melbourne Workers

By News Xtend Digital / 21/05/2024
A diverse range of industries from construction to manufacturing and utilities, often require workers to enter and work in confined...
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Why Working at Heights Training in Melbourne is Crucial for Construction Workers

By News Xtend Digital / 07/05/2024
Among the various safety protocols and training programs, Working at Heights Training stands out as an essential requirement for construction...
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A Day in the Life: Insights from a Working at Heights Course in Melbourne

By News Xtend Digital / 23/04/2024
Intelligent Training Solutions Victoria offers work safely at heights courses for industries, including construction, maintenance, and telecommunications. In Melbourne, a...
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What to Expect from Test and Tag Courses: A Comprehensive Guide

By News Xtend Digital / 09/04/2024
Ensuring the safety of public and private spaces is a crucial responsibility, and one essential aspect of this is the...
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Silica Awareness Course Guide from Industrial Trainers in Victoria

By News Xtend Digital / 26/03/2024
You can depend on Intelligent Training Solutions when you need to know more about silica dust awareness courses in Victoria....
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Importance of Silica Courses in Victoria Work Environments

By News Xtend Digital / 12/03/2024
Silica dust is a hazardous substance that is generated through numerous work methods and can be dangerous to those working...
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Breathe Easy With Confined Spaces Training in Victoria

By News Xtend Digital / 27/02/2024
The specialists at Intelligent Training Solutions have got the answers to your questions about our working in confined areas training...
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Why Working at Heights Training is Vital for Many Workplaces in VIC

By News Xtend Digital / 13/02/2024
Having a certification to work at heights is a key element to being hired by a lot of Victorian workplaces....
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What You Need to Know about Working at Heights Courses in Victoria

By News Xtend Digital / 30/01/2024
The Intelligent Training Solutions team has compiled this guide on working at heights, covering what the courses entail, why they’re...
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Ensuring Workplace Safety: A Guide to Test and Tag Courses in Victoria

By News Xtend Digital / 16/01/2024
If you’re looking for expert assistance with test and tag courses in Victoria, the Intelligent Training Solutions team are here...
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Is Silica Awareness Training Mandatory in Victoria?

By News Xtend Digital / 18/12/2023
For a safe and successful construction career, it's best to complete a silica awareness course in Victoria. WorkSafe Victoria’s Occupational...
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Victorian Industry Training: What Is Silica Certification?

By News Xtend Digital / 04/12/2023
If you work in the Victorian construction industry or are looking to get started in this career path, you can...
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What Is the Working at Heights Certificate in Victoria?

By News Xtend Digital / 20/11/2023
RIIWHS204E Work Safely at Heights is an industry training certification available through Intelligent Training Solutions in Victoria. Our working at...
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Who Needs to Be Trained for a Confined Space Entry in VIC?

By News Xtend Digital / 06/11/2023
A variety of Victorian industries require confined spaces training, from construction to electrical, pest control to rescue personnel and many...
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How Long Does It Take To Become a Driving Instructor in SA?

By News Xtend Digital / 16/10/2023
There are many benefits to driving instructor training with Intelligent Training Solutions, currently delivering in South Australia, Victoria and ACT....
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How to Become a Certified Driving Instructor in Victoria

By News Xtend Digital / 02/10/2023
Thinking about a career change? If you’re interested in improved job opportunities and share a passion for road safety, a...
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