Why First Aid Courses should NOT be 100% Online

By Alex Mueller  /  25/01/2023
It would be no surprise that the fully online first aid course took off during the COVID-19 pandemic. Government-directed lockdowns...
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Practical Guide to Heights Courses in Victoria

By Alex Mueller  /  26/12/2022
Finding the right working at heights course is essential for ensuring safety and legislative compliance. Intelligent Training Solutions offer a...
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What are the Emergency Lighting Test and Tag Requirements in Victoria?

By Alex Mueller  /  19/12/2022
Test and tag procedures exist for emergency lighting to ensure safety and proper function in every building in case of...
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Choosing the Right Driving Instructor Course for You

By Alex Mueller  /  12/12/2022
When you learn to be a driving Instructor, you get to educate people on the safe and effective operation of...
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Common Hazards That Make Confined Spaces Dangerous

By Alex Mueller  /  09/12/2022
A confined space refers to any hazardous enclosed or partially enclosed space with limited or restricted access and is intended...
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What are the 6 Classes of Fire Extinguishers in Victoria?

By Alex Mueller  /  28/11/2022
The right fire equipment can be the first line of defence against a fire hazard. In Australia, there are 6...
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Is it Worth Being a Driving Instructor in Victoria?

By Alex Mueller  /  21/11/2022
Before enrolling in a driving instructor course, it’s well worth considering whether being a driving instructor is right for you....
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Essential Courses for Working at Heights in Victoria

By Alex Mueller  /  14/11/2022
Working at heights is an inevitable risk involved in construction, maintenance, mining, factory work and other industries. In any workplace...
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A Guide to Commercial Test and Tag Services for Fire Equipment

By Alex Mueller  /  07/11/2022
Regularly inspecting and testing fire equipment in commercial spaces is essential and mandated by law in Victoria. This includes fire...
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Why Do You Want to be a Driving Instructor in Victoria?

By Alex Mueller  /  24/10/2022
Becoming a driving instructor may be the perfect move for you if you love getting behind the wheel and are...
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What is a Confined Space Qualification?

By Alex Mueller  /  17/10/2022
From tunnels and chimneys to wells, silos, tanks, pits and sewers, confined spaces are a common but hazardous environment many...
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A Guide on How to Inspect & Test Fire Blankets & Fire Extinguishers

By Alex Mueller  /  10/10/2022
Fire safety is paramount in every workplace across Victoria, which is why inspecting and testing fire blankets and fire extinguishers...
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How Do You Teach Driving Effectively in Victoria?

By Alex Mueller  /  03/10/2022
Being a driving instructor can be a rewarding task, giving you the responsibility of guiding new drivers into being safe,...
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Do You Need to Complete First Aid Training to Get a Job?

By Alex Mueller  /  20/06/2022
Whether you’re just entering the job market or looking for more opportunities to expand your horizons and grow your skillset,...
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Best Practice for Working in Confined Spaces

By Alex Mueller  /  06/06/2022
Confined spaces present serious health and safety risks, which is why certified entry training and first aid CPR are so...
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How Often Does Test and Tag Need to be Done in Victoria?

By Alex Mueller  /  16/05/2022
Employee safety is paramount at worksites across Victoria, which is why test and tag procedures are in place. These checks...
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How to Start Your Test and Tag Business

By Alex Mueller  /  02/05/2022
Interested in being your own boss and running a test and tag business? You’re not alone, as there is growing...
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What Are the Qualities of a Good Driving Instructor?

By Alex Mueller  /  18/04/2022
If you’re passionate about teaching and driving, it may be time to consider how to learn to be a driving...
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What Is the Main Activity of a Driving Instructor?

By Alex Mueller  /  04/04/2022
Want to play an important role in keeping Victorians safe on the road? Interested in running your own business, too?...
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Tips to Make Working in Confined Spaces Safer for Employees

By Alex Mueller  /  11/03/2022
Tips to Make Working in Confined Spaces Safer for Employees Victorian industry training experts acknowledge the importance of employee safety...
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