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Bus Training and Assessment

Bus-Pre-Employment Courses

Becoming a Route Bus Driver within the Public Transport or Private Transport Industry is an incredibly rewarding career. Interacting with regular clients, delivering people to their destinations and enjoying variety in your daily job are all part of the advantages of becoming a Bus Driver.

Getting the job interview correct, including an impressive pre-employment drive assessment, will be of paramount importance to land that new job. The ITS Bus Verification Course will help you achieve your goal by training in a full-scale Mercedes Volgreen route bus, with Male and Female driving instructors who actively remain employed as public and private Bus Drivers. This course will provide you with the training and job insights required to successfully join the industry. Learn the skills and knowledge of public and private Bus Driving from those successful in the industry and turn your existing heavy vehicle licence into something special.

This Bus training and assessment course is aimed at new and experienced medium rigid and heavy rigid vehicle drivers who wish to transfer their skills and knowledge to drive a commerical or privatley operated Bus.

*The working conditions of a Bus driver in Victoria are second to none. If you’re looking for a career with industry leading work conditions, it might be time to get on board. As a full time bus driver, you will receive:

✓ 4 weeks annual leave
✓ Rostered days off
✓ Paid Sick Leave
✓ Workcover Entitlements
✓ Superannuation

This course also includes school administrators taking students on excursions, community group leaders, sports team managers or anybody wishing to apply for a commerical bus or coach drivers position.


*Sourced from the Bus Association Victoria Inc website 2017

Once you have obtained either your Medium Rigid or Heavy Rigid licence, you will be ready to undertake specialised bus training.

✓ Start and stop sequences
✓ City and highway driving
✓ Vehicle positioning
✓ Vehicle manoeuvring and control (includes roundabouts and tight turns


We will provide you with all the required resources and books on the day of your course. You are welcome to download a free copy of The Victorian Truck and Bus Handbook or purchase a hard copy for your local VicRoads office.

Download your copy for free here: The Victorian Truck and Bus Handbook

You will also require the following items on the day of your practical session:

  1. Working pens and highlighters for use on the course.
  2. A4 lined workbook for taking notes (minimum 10 pages)
  3. An active and working email account
  4. Photo ID to confirm your identity

Student support is a cornerstone of our organisation. Regardless if you are a full time, part time or a blended delivery student, you will always have access to your trainers. Whether you wish to engage our services on a daily basis, once a week or in blocks is up to you. We have scheduled student support times as well as an ability to generate a support service at any time via our website. Support for this qualification is available in the following formats and times:

  1. Phone Support available six days a week, 9.30am to 8.00pm (Monday to Thursday), 9.30 to 5.30pm (Friday), 8.00am to 12.30pm (Saturday)
  2. Email Support available six days a week, 9.30am to 8.00pm (Monday to Thursday), 9.30 to 5.30pm (Friday), 8.00am to 12.30pm (Saturday)
  3. Live Online Video Support (Webinar or Zoom), available on request
  4. Face to Face Support, available on the day of your practical sessions, Friday’s and on request.

Once you enrol into any of our courses, you will be emailed your trainers contact details. If you require any assistance, feel free to contact your trainer or our office, Monday to Saturday, in accordance with the times printed above. We are here to help!

2017-2018 COURSE FEES

Once you have selected your preferred course, completed the online enrolment form in the next box below. Once you have completed your enrolment form the following process is applied:

      1. You will receive a confirmation text message (SMS) from us to inform you that we have received your enrolment form. This text message may take between 1 to 12 hours to arrive as this message is only sent once our administration team has your enrolment form in their hands.
      2. You will receive a series emails from us. These emails may include:
        • Welcome email which will contain information and instructions on how to access your course along with your trainer’s contact details and location and time of your scheduled training.
        • A TAX invoice/receipt
        • An email containing information on your USI
        • NOTE: Our emails may take between 1 to 24 hours to arrive from the confirmation SMS
      3. You will then receive a final text message (SMS) from us informing you that your enrolment has been processed. This text message will also list the emails we have sent you.

The specified tab group is trashed.


Intelligent Training Solutions can deliver this course at your workplace, training venue or community function center. We also offer this course in the following training venues around Victoria.

      1. Attwood, Victoria
      2. Preston, Victoria
      3. Riddells Creek, Victoria
      4. Gisborne, Victoria
      5. Romsey, Victoria
      6. Lancefield, Victoria
      7. Epping, Victoria
      8. Melbourne CBD and many, many more places.

If you have a group of people that would like to enrol into this course, please let us know and we will make all the arrangements. We specialise in corporate bookings and are flexible and dynamic to accommodate most organisational requirements.

Enquire Now for Group or Company Bookings


Upon the successful completion of this vertification of competence course, you will receive a Certificate of Driving Competence and a detailed individual report containing the driving competencies achieved throughout your course.


The training offered by ITS provides the skills and knowledge to conduct an industry approved pre-drive check and to safely and efficiently drive a full lenght 14T Bus.

Pre-drive checks involve moderate physical activity including kneeling and bending. ITS does not accept any liability for any harm suffered by you as a result of your participation in the course. If you have any special needs (including those concerning Language, Literacy or Numeracy) a related disability or condition, or any other concerns you should raise these before enrolment.


Please note we are unable to refund money to you if:

      • You change your mind for any reason within seven days before course commencement. NOTE: In the event you enrol into this course within the 7 days prior to the course start date, you will be given a 24 hour cooling off period. After the 24 hours has passed no money will be refunded
      • If you are required to leave class and are unable to return within a timely manner.

Additional information on the ITS refund policy can be found on the ITS Enrolment Form or the Information Handbook which can be downloaded from this website.

      • You have the right to complain about the performance of our administration services, trainers or assessors
      • You have the right to appeal the assessment decision made by our trainers. Please refer to the ITS appeals policy located in the information handbook.
      • You can view our Complaints and Appeals policies by downloading our Information Handbook from this website.

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