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Ensuring the safety of public and private spaces is a crucial responsibility, and one essential aspect of this is the regular testing and tagging of emergency lighting, exit sign systems, fire extinguishers and fire blankets. At Intelligent Training Solutions Melbourne, our comprehensive courses are available to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform these tasks effectively. Here’s what you can expect from these courses.


Understanding Test and Tag Courses

One of the first components of test and tag courses is a thorough grounding in Australian safety standards and regulations. Our courses cover the relevant sections of Australian Standards 1851-2012 and the Essential Safety Measures Building Code of Australia (BCA), ensuring that participants understand the legal requirements for testing and maintenance.

Use of Testing Equipment

A significant portion of the training focuses on the use of various testing equipment. Participants will learn how to operate devices such as insulation testers, discharge testers and pressure gauges. Proper use of these tools is essential for accurate testing and compliance with safety standards.

Identifying and Rectifying Issues

We teach participants how to identify common issues and defects in emergency systems and fire safety equipment. They will learn the steps necessary to rectify these problems or understand when it is appropriate to replace faulty equipment.

Record Keeping and Reporting

Accurate record-keeping is a critical part of compliance. Participants enrolled in test and tag courses, will be trained in the correct procedures for documenting their inspections and tests, ensuring that all records meet regulatory requirements and can be easily referenced during audits.

Safety Protocols

Finally, safety protocols and best practices are emphasised throughout the course. Participants will learn about personal protective equipment (PPE), safe handling of testing equipment and emergency procedures to ensure their safety and the safety of others during testing and tagging activities.

Comprehension and Assessment

Our test and tag courses conclude with assessments to evaluate participants’ understanding and proficiency. By understanding the regulations, gaining hands-on experience, learning to use testing equipment, identifying issues, keeping accurate records, and adhering to safety protocols, participants are well-equipped to ensure compliance and safety in their workplaces. These courses not only enhance skill sets but also contribute to creating safer environments across Australia.

Whether you’re entering the field or seeking to enhance your existing skills, Intelligent Training Solutions offer comprehensive test and tag courses to equip and prepare, contact us to learn more about enrolling.