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In various industries such as construction, mining, and manufacturing, silica exposure is a critical concern. Silica, a mineral found in materials like sand, stone, and concrete, can become airborne as respirable crystalline silica dust during tasks like cutting, drilling, and grinding. Prolonged exposure to this dust can lead to serious health issues, including silicosis, lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). To mitigate these risks, the Silica Awareness Course at Intelligent Training Solutions has been developed as a vital educational tool.


Why is Silica Awareness Training Necessary?

The primary goal of the training is to protect workers from the severe health effects of silica exposure. By understanding the risks and learning how to minimise them, workers can significantly reduce their chances of developing life-threatening conditions.

Units of Competency 

The silica awareness course aims to provide workers, supervisors, and employers with essential knowledge about the dangers of silica exposure and the best practices to prevent it. The course is typically structured into several key modules, each designed to cover different aspects of silica safety comprehensively. First we cover how to identify products and materials that contain crystalline silica dust, the health risks associated with exposure to silica, risk control measures and how to mitigate exposure in the workplace.

Training Benefits

Completing the silica awareness course equips participants with the knowledge to recognise silica hazards and implement effective control measures. This proactive approach not only helps in complying with regulatory requirements but also significantly reduces the risk of silica-related illnesses, fostering a safer work environment.

The silica awareness course with Intelligent Training Solutions is an essential educational resource for those working in industries with potential exposure. By understanding the health risks, regulatory framework, and effective control measures, participants can contribute to a safer workplace, ultimately protecting themselves and their colleagues from the dangers of crystalline silica.

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