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The specialists at Intelligent Training Solutions have got the answers to your questions about our working in confined areas training in Victoria. Our team has over 20 years of experience providing exceptional industrial training courses for our clients. Our large number of completely satisfied clients can attest to our effectiveness, professionalism and quality of service. Read on to discover more about confined areas training and please do get in touch with us with any questions, or to book your place in one of our courses!

confined spaces training

What Does Working in Confined Spaces Training Entail?

Confined Spaces Training will be taught by experts with practiced in working in such conditions, and will cover how to:

  • perform risk assessments of the confined space
  • mitigate that risk
  • safely work and/ or supervise work

Activities are specifically designed to teach participants how to:

  • put control measures in place to make the environment as safe as possible and
  • carry out work in accordance with the appropriate safety regulations

Why Does It Matter?

Being certified to work in confined spaces is crucial to work safely in this environment. Certification shows that the workplace and employer are committed to upholding their OHSA requirements, and that work will be conducted safely and effectively.

While it enhances the reputation of the workplace as somewhere which places a high priority on safety, from an employee perspective, it improves morale when your company prioritises your safety.

A working in confined spaces certification is an in-demand skill in the Victorian workplace and lends itself to the possibility of enhanced career prospects.

Where Can I Find a Course Provider?

The courses provided by Intelligent Training Solutions should be your top choice. Our courses contain both theory and practical components and are led by highly experienced emergency service and industry professionals. With a reported 98% satisfaction rate amongst our clients, you can depend on elite training every single time.

Our team is the premier provider of working in confined areas training in Victoria. To ask about our courses or to book a place in our programs, contact us online or give our team a call on 1300 585 866.