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Construction and industry training prepares Victorian workers to safely do their jobs every day. Intelligent Training Solutions leads the way with our Work Safely at Heights Course, which suits workers who conduct or supervise tasks at height. After completing this course, you will have the practical knowledge of fall prevention to work safely from heights in a variety of environments. Let’s go over the top five skills employees learn during this working at heights training.

Man Working on the Working at height with blue sky

Inspecting Worksites

Your working at heights course will begin with an overview of the heights industry and hazards so everyone is well aware of the technical and safety risks to watch out for. You will learn how to inspect worksites for safety hazards before anyone ascends to potentially dangerous heights.

Controlling Hazards

Falling objects, fragile roofing and inclement weather are just a few of the risks involved when working at heights. These hazards are all outlined in greater detail during training, including how to identify and ultimately control hazards as much as possible.

Checking Equipment

As part of hazard control, it’s important that anyone working at heights has proper safety equipment. Training courses will teach you how to check equipment for any faults or improper fits before use. This includes personal protective equipment, fall protection devices and temporary work platforms.


Another key skill taught in a working at heights course is workplace reporting. You need to know how to maintain records of safety equipment and work platforms, as well as report any safety incidents to authorities.


One of the most important skills taught during working at heights training is how to supervise your team. If you want to move up in your career with continued opportunities to supervise staff working at heights, then you need the proper management skills to ensure a safe work environment on every project.

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