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A confined space is an enclosed area with limited access and potential hazards such as a harmful atmosphere. Many Victorians work in confined spaces every day, including utility access holes, tunnels, ductwork, vaults, tanks and pipelines, to name a few. Intelligent Training Solutions is a registered training organisation offering nationally accredited confined spaces training to keep workers and employers safe. Keep reading to discover why industry training is required to ensure safety and to mitigate these key risks.

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Combat Low Oxygen Levels

Construction and industry training addresses one of the main risks of working in confined spaces: low oxygen. By learning the hazards of confined spaces and how to measure and manage unsafe oxygen levels, employees and employers will be better prepared. Confined spaces safety includes regularly testing the air for oxygen and contaminants, making sure proper equipment is readily available for air quality testing, and keeping up to date safety data sheets.

Manoeuvre Safely in Confined Spaces

Another risk to mitigate in confined spaces is the limited space for people to move around, let alone store and transport equipment. Confined spaces training instructors explain why entrances and exits must be wide enough for free access of workers with protective clothing and bulky rescue equipment. An inspection of the confined space and stand-by personnel are part of a safe work environment, too. Enter permits and signage also play a part in the safe management and monitoring of confined spaces, helping to minimise risks as much as possible.

Mitigate Risk of Hazardous Gases

During your confined spaces training course, the instructor will cover atmospheric hazards and effects on the respiratory system. By instilling an understanding of hazards like bacteria, exhaust gases, flammable gasses and toxic gases, workers will be able to identify and appropriately address these hazards. Atmospheric testing and monitoring equipment plays a role in protecting workers while in or around confined spaces.

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