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Use the following information as a check list to safe guard yourself against dodgy training providers. Remember that all training providers have a set of marketing standards that they must adhere to when promoting a course.

1) Can you easily find the enrolment fee for your course on the providers website or marketing information?

2) Are you enrolling into a 677 hour qualification with the promise of completing the course in two or four weeks? (40 hours a week for 4 weeks is only 160 hours!)

3) Can you clearly define the study requirements of your course (How many hours, days, weeks etc…)

4) Can you easily define a payment plan from a student loan?

5) Can you confirm that any online component is more than a text book dump of information?

RTO regulator marketing standards require training providers to be clear, transparent and PUBLIC with course information allowing potential learners to understand the FULL requirements, expectations and financial costs (short and long term) of their proposed course before enrolling.

REMEMBER: A training provider can't promise to have your best interests in mind and breach the fundamentals of student protection.