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Female or runner woman training CPR demonstrating class in park by put hands and interlock finger over CPR doll give chest compression

Carers, teachers and school staff regularly enrol in first aid courses Melbourne, and for good reason. First aid CPR training is important for anyone working with young children, especially in a school or childcare environment where kids may be prone to illness and injury. The more teachers and administrators know about first aid, the easier it is to keep students & children safe. Let’s review the top reasons why schools should prioritise first aid training for teachers and staff.

Overall Safety

First aid CPR training gives educators and carers the knowledge they need to ensure a safe learning environment. With minor injuries, it’s better to have teachers who know what to do with cuts, scrapes and other common health concerns. In emergencies, trained staff can provide life-saving support until emergency services get there.

Injury Response

When a minor injury is dealt with promptly, there’s a better chance of smooth recovery. Teachers should know what to do if a child falls or injures themselves in or out of the classroom. A comprehensive first aid course for working with children goes through all the most common injuries and illnesses in children to ensure the situation is addressed appropriately and they can get on the path to healing.

Injury Prevention

Another important aspect of first aid training in Melbourne is injury prevention. Knowing how children most commonly hurt themselves and how to maintain a safe school environment makes a big difference. Trip, fall hazards and potential allergens are key examples. It’s always helps when educators and carers know about wound care, bandages, and OTC creams, as well as how to minimise risk in the first place.

Sign Up for Educators and Carers First Aid Training in Melbourne

If you work in a Victorian school or childcare centre, regular first aid training should be a priority. Make sure your team is prepared for common child injury and illness with comprehensive first aid CPR training from a reputable provider like Intelligent Training Solutions. Sign up for first aid courses Melbourne or contact us with any questions.