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If you want to improve your driving behaviour and improve on-road safety, defensive driver training in Melbourne is a great investment. The Intelligent Training Solutions team works with individuals and corporate groups looking to increase road awareness and reduce liability while behind the wheel. Check out all the skills you will learn through a defensive driver course and why this driver education is so beneficial.

defensive driver training

Driver Psychology

If you’ve been driving for a while, it may feel like second nature to you. It’s important that you don’t become too relaxed or complacent while driving, however, as a hazard can appear at any time. During defensive driver training, your instructor will help you identify and reflect on poor driver psychology to understand where drivers go wrong, how accidents happen, and what can be done to avoid them.

Driver Distraction

We live in an ultra-connected world, and driver distraction is a real threat. From texts and phone calls to passengers and pets, there are many causes of distraction for drivers, especially younger ones who may not be fully aware of the risks until it’s too late. Defensive driving school sessions also dives dive into busy brain syndrome, what causes it and why it can spell danger for anyone behind the wheel. Get the latest information on driver distraction from one of our experts during your defensive driver training.

Fatigue Management

Another aspect of defensive driving school sessions is the dissemination of the latest information on fatigue management, including why it’s so dangerous to drive while tired. Instructors will educate you on road rule updates and use real-world examples to better understand the dangers and why a proactive approach is the best approach for safe driving all around Australia. This includes best practice techniques with Hendon, Smith, Commentary, and other proactive driving systems recommended by industry experts.

Enrol in Melbourne’s Top Defensive Driver Training

Intelligent Training Solutions is passionate about keeping Victorians safe on the road through our comprehensive defensive driving school sessions. Please get in touch with our industry training professionals if you have any questions about our defensive driving courses.