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Essential Safety Tips for Working at Heights

Working at heights isn’t for the faint of heart, but some people thrive from higher up. If heights don’t scare you and you’re interested in a long, fulfilling career, then the construction or infrastructure industry offers exciting working at heights training opportunities. Employee training is a must-have when working at heights, so let’s explore some of the top safety tips to successfully work at any height from the ground.


Always Check Equipment

Arguably one of the most important safety tips taught during employee working at heights training is to always inspect equipment before use. Whether it’s a small ladder or a massive cherry picker, all equipment and machinery must be checked to ensure optimal safety. All maintenance requirements must be met and no equipment should be overloaded with too much weight from workers or materials, either.


Provide Personal Protective Equipment

Not only should heavy machinery be inspected, but so should PPE for all workers before heading up to a taller height. Helmets, visibility vests, and sturdy work shoes should all be checked to ensure safety and effectiveness. After all, PPE is a crucial part of fall prevention and employee safety on the job.


Calculate Fall Distance

While it’s best to avoid falls altogether through appropriate prevention, it’s still important to be prepared for the potential risk. When working at heights and using harnesses, the fall distance should be calculated using the worker’s height and the amount of slack from the harness anchor point following a forceful fall. This way, the fall protection plan can be confirmed with accurate fall distance.


Stick to The Safety Plan

Finally, working at heights is no time to cut corners and skip procedures. Employers must enforce safety procedures and employees must follow them at all times, especially when using ladders or heavy machinery for working at heights. Experienced workers and management aren’t excused from this process either – everyone needs to know and follow every step of the safety procedures to protect the entire project team.


Working at Heights Training and Working at Heights Course

Now that you know all these important safety tips for working at heights, it’s time to take your career training to the next level with Intelligent Training Solutions in Victoria. If you work in construction, resources, or infrastructure, and it’s been more than two years since your last working at heights training, sign up for our accredited working at heights course refresher today.