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CPR First Aid Training Concept

There are many benefits to taking first aid courses in Melbourne. Individuals and businesses can enhance skills and gain a greater understanding of first aid response, ensuring they are certified to do their jobs. As a leading first aid training provider in Victoria, Intelligent Training Solutions is up to date with the latest first aid response requirements, including what to do if someone gets into trouble in the water or on the beach. Here, we explore first aid protocols for protecting people of all ages in and around the water.

Drowning Response

First aid CPR training teaches you to call 000 whenever someone is drowning, even if they appear to regain consciousness. That’s because drowning can cause long-term damage to the airway and brain, so a medical assessment is crucial after a near-drowning event. You will also learn how to perform the DRSABCD steps (Danger, Response, Send, Airway, Breathing, CPR, Defibrillation). Remember with CPR to provide 30 compressions at 1/3 the depth of the patient’s chest, followed by two breaths.

Animal Bites & Stings

While CPR is a crucial component of first aid training in Melbourne, injuries from marine life are another concern. Jellyfish and marine stings require urgent medical attention. For a minor jellyfish sting, remove any remaining tentacles and rinse the affected area with seawater. The pain should ease in hot water, otherwise, apply a cold pack for pain relief. With a stingray injury, follow DRSABCD and apply pressure to the wound to stop severe bleeding. Do not remove embedded spines on your own. In the unlikely event of a blue octopus bite, clean with fresh (not salt) water and apply pressure immobilisation (wrap very tightly and splint). You must also seek urgent medical attention as blue octopus venom has no known antivenom.

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Ready to take your first aid knowledge to the next level? Intelligent Training Solutions has a variety of first aid courses Melbourne to help you reach your personal and professional goals. Contact us today to discuss first aid CPR training and infant first aid with our qualified instructors.