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Enrolling in a silica course equips workers with critical knowledge about the hazards associated with silica dust. Intelligent Training Solutions trains Victorian workers to better understand the nature of silica and how it transforms into a dangerous airborne particulate during cutting, grinding, or drilling operations. The course educates workers on recognizing potential exposure scenarios and the conditions that exacerbate these risks, such as poor ventilation or inadequate personal protective equipment (PPE).


Understanding The Risks of Silica Dust

Silica is a mineral found in materials like sand, stone, concrete, and mortar. While it’s an essential component in various construction and manufacturing processes, silica dust poses a significant health risk when inhaled. Prolonged exposure can lead to severe respiratory issues, including silicosis, lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). To mitigate these risks, a comprehensive silica course is indispensable for workers in at-risk industries.

Course Structure

One of the key components of a silica course is training on effective control measures. Workers, supervisors and managers learn about engineering controls like water suppression systems and local exhaust ventilation that significantly reduce the amount of silica dust in the air. Administrative controls, such as implementing safe work practices and scheduling regular maintenance checks on dust control systems, are also covered. Additionally, the course emphasises the importance of PPE, including respirators and protective clothing, and provides guidelines on their proper use and maintenance.

Safety and Compliance

Our silica course also highlights the regulatory standards and guidelines set by occupational safety organisations. These regulations mandate permissible exposure limits and outline employer responsibilities in ensuring a safe working environment. By understanding these legal requirements, workers can advocate for safer conditions and ensure compliance within their workplace.

Undertaking a silica course educates and equips workers on the occupational hazards associated with silica dust, speak with our team at Intelligent Training Solutions to learn more about enrolment.