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Thinking about a career change? If you’re interested in improved job opportunities and share a passion for road safety, a driving instructor course through Intelligent Training Solutions is a great next step. Learn how to become a certified driving instructor with our nationally accredited courses in Victoria.

driving instructor course

Find a Registered Training Provider

First things first, you need to find a nationally recognised and registered training provider where you can take your desire to become a driving instructor and get the hands-on education and training you need for your next career move. If you want to learn to be a car driving instructor, Intelligent Training Solutions offers the new TLI41222 Certificate IV in Motor Vehicle Driver Training, which is now government-funded for Victorians.

Choose Your Course

As leaders in industry training programs, we deliver driving instructor courses in several formats, so you can pick what suits your current schedule and lifestyle. Our full-time and part-time courses have set start dates, or you can join our blended delivery course with enrolments open all year round. Whichever you choose, rest assured our trainers will give you the knowledge to succeed in your chosen career path. You will learn how to be a great driving instructor from experienced trainers themselves.

Embrace the Experience

With an extensive understanding of the transport and logistics industry, our training team is here to help you reach your full potential in a rewarding career. Driver trainers help keep communities safe by educating Australians on the rules of the road and safe driving practices. If you would like to make a difference in road safety, sign up for a driving instructor course where you will learn how to conduct training and develop low-risk driving behaviours in others.

Become a Driving Instructor With Certified Courses in Victoria

If you’re ready to upskill and embrace an exciting career as a driving instructor in Victoria, Intelligent Training Solutions can help. Our TLI41222 Certificate IV in Motor Vehicle Driver Training (TLISS00235 Car Motor Vehicle Driver Training) is the next step to a promising professional future. Enrol in a driving instructor course today and look forward to a diverse and interesting career.