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Interested in being your own boss and running a test and tag business? You’re not alone, as there is growing interest in test and tag courses across Victoria. Alternatively, you can exclusively focus your business on testing and tagging fire extinguishers. Here at Intelligent Training Solutions, we provide fire extinguisher testing courses as well as a course on how to inspect and test emergency and exit lighting systems. Our courses can help you on the way towards starting your own business! If this sounds like a professional opportunity you’d like to pursue, here are the key steps you need to start your business.

Enrol in Test and Tag Courses

Extensive background experience is not required to start your own test and tag business. What is required, however, is completion of a test and tag course, like the exit lighting or fire extinguisher testing courses that are most relevant to your business goals. You could focus on one area if you prefer or, if you want to test fire extinguishers and exit lights, then you will need to do both courses. By completing coursework with a qualified facilitator like Intelligent Training Solutions, you will have the necessary skills and knowledge to test and tag in line with government standards.

Make a Business Plan

Once your test and tag courses are complete, you need to brainstorm your business plan. Consider things like your business name, ABN, budget, pricing, networking, and customer service. The more thought you put into running a test and tag business, the more likely you are to succeed.

Start Small and Stay Smart

If you choose to specialise in fire extinguisher testing courses, you will be certified as a ‘competent person’ to establish the essential safety measures and outline a level of maintenance in accordance with the Australian Standards 1851-2012 and the Essentials Safety Measures Building Code of Australia (BCA). Our course will provide you with the skills and knowledge required to conduct the weekly, monthly, six-monthly and yearly inspections of fire extinguishers and fire blankets, plus testing and ongoing maintenance of this same equipment, at your own workplace or at a client’s premises. Fire extinguishers need to be checked every six months, so this is a great avenue to start with, as offices and warehouses across Victoria will always be in need of safety inspectors. Start at your own premises if possible and use word of mouth and social media to grow your brand.

Sign Up for Test and Tag Courses in Victoria

Now that you know more about creating your own business, it’s time to sign up for the top test and tag courses in Victoria. Explore test and tag fire extinguisher testing courses with Intelligent Training Solutions today.