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Intelligent Training Solutions specialises in Victorian test and tag courses, which give you the opportunity to become a fire extinguisher service technician. During this course, you will learn the necessary skills to perform regular fire extinguisher and fire blanket testing and maintenance. Let’s preview three key elements of routine fire inspections, which you will go through in greater detail as part of fire extinguisher testing courses.

Engineer are checking and inspection a red fire extinguishers in the fire control room for safety prevention and fire training.

Cylinder Condition

During fire equipment service technician training, you will learn to closely examine extinguisher cylinder condition. As part of regular fire extinguisher safety checks, technicians must inspect the cylinder lining for any cracks or imperfections. It’s also important to look for external corrosion and damage that may require a replacement cylinder. Maintaining an inspection record is essential to ensure any cylinder concerns are promptly addressed as part of adequate fire prevention and emergency response.

Extinguisher Charge Level

Fire extinguisher charge level is another key component to look for when conducting routine inspections. Extinguishers require recharging post-use to make sure enough suppressant liquid and pressure are readily available in the event of a fire. During practical test and tag courses, you will be asked to discharge several fire extinguishers, inspect the cylinder and contents and recharge for proper function. You will also be trained to identify faulty fire extinguishers and fix maintenance issues to ensure properly functioning and fully charged fire protection systems.

Fire Blanket Quality

Fire extinguisher testing courses cover fire blankets, too. As you will learn during technician training, fire blankets must be routinely checked for accessibility, signage and storage. Blankets should be free of noticeable damage or contamination and securely stored in a visibly marked blanket container. A record label with clear and legible instructions should always be attached to the container, which needs to be readily accessible and installed in line with current safety standards.

Explore a New Career as a Fire Extinguisher Service Technician

If you’re interested in working as a fire equipment service technician, Intelligent Training Solutions can help. Take a closer look at our test and tag courses in Victoria and enrol online today.