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For a safe and successful construction career, it’s best to complete a silica awareness course in Victoria. WorkSafe Victoria’s Occupational Health and Safety Amendment (Crystalline Silica) Regulations 2021 are now in effect, making training mandatory for specific works such as engineered stone processing. Continue reading to learn more about training requirements and sign up for a silica awareness course today.

silica awareness course

Basics of Silica Dust in the Workplace

As a natural mineral, crystalline silica is present in construction materials like bricks, concrete, tiles, mortar and engineered stone. WorkSafe Victoria has released updated guidelines on preventing exposure to crystalline silica dust in construction. The exposure standard for silica dust is 0.05mg/m3 as a TWA (time-weighted average) airborne concentration over 8 hours. Employers must ensure employees do not exceed this level of exposure.

Workers Who Need Silica Training

Workers undertaking a crystalline silica process on the job need to complete training. These processes include:

  • Using a power tool or machine to cut, grind, crush or polish material containing crystalline silica
  • Using an excavator or road header if material contains crystalline silica
  • Exposure to silica dust from the manufacture or handling of construction materials
  • Quarrying, tunnelling or mechanical screening process of material containing crystalline silica

High-Risk Crystalline Silica Work

WorkSafe Victoria sets the standards for high-risk crystalline silica work, which is reasonably likely to generate an airborne concentration of respirable crystalline silica exceeding the exposure standard and/or presenting a workplace health risk. During your silica awareness course, you will learn how to identify high-risk work and proceed with caution to protect your own health as well as the people around you.

High-risk silica work depends on the proportion of crystalline silica present in the brick, concrete or crushed rock, as well as previous atmospheric monitoring results and the duration and frequency of exposure. Your course will go through all these requirements in detail so you can understand the latest regulations and how they apply to different areas of construction work.

Enrol in a Silica Awareness Course for Victorian Construction

Whether silica dust prevention and awareness training is mandatory or highly recommended for your specific line of work, Intelligent Training Solutions is here to help. Enquire online for more information about our silica awareness course in Victoria.