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Road safety should be a top priority for any organisation with workers on the road. With both on-road and off-road delivery methods, Intelligent Training Solutions offers a platinum defensive driver course for corporate fleets. Here are a few of the top reasons why high-level defensive driving training is so important to Victorian businesses, and why your organisation should get involved.

defensive driver training

Getting Your Workforce Home Safely

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that your staff gets to and from work safely. Defensive driving is the best approach for staying proactive on the road, and drivers at all levels should know how to anticipate risk and respond appropriately. With defensive driver training at our cutting-edge Altona facility, you can feel at ease that your workers are well-prepared for hazards that may pop up throughout their commute.

Understanding Driver Psychology

The best corporate defensive driving training course goes beyond basic examples and threat responses. It dives deep into driver psychology, so participants learn about their own behaviour behind the wheel whilst also learning to understand the thought process of other drivers on the road. The more aware they are of road behaviour, the more they can do to stay safe while driving.

Reducing Driver & Company Risks

Corporate defensive driver training plays a role in reducing risks for employers and employees. Overall, your organisation’s OHS risk profile will be reduced when fleet vehicles are driven by highly trained drivers. Successful completion of a defensive driving course reduces risks, lowers liability and looks good to insurance companies which, in turn, helps to reduce annual premiums. The safer your drivers are, the easier it is to reduce fuel, servicing and other fleet operating costs. This is a great opportunity to increase the longevity of fleet vehicles while giving drivers more confidence to do their jobs well.

Schedule Corporate Defensive Driver Training in Melbourne

As outlined above, there are many benefits to defensive driving school lessons for individual drivers and organisations that want to contribute positively to road safety in Victoria. Contact Intelligent Training Solutions today to get started with defensive driver training for your organisation, conveniently located at our state-of-the-art facility in Altona.