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The Importance of a Hiring a Certified Expert for Testing & Tagging Safety Equipment

A workplace needs an expert to test and tag safety equipment to keep up to safety standards and ensure the safety of the occupants of a building. This requires specialist knowledge, as it can be dangerous dealing with emergency and safety equipment and ensuring that it functions properly. Here at Intelligent Training Solutions, we offer specialised courses for those with the basic skills and knowledge in undertaking routine maintenance tasks. These qualifications can be a worthy investment in your own career, as upskilling in such an essential area of expertise will never go to waste!

Dealing with Emergency & Safety Equipment

Dealing with emergency and safety equipment in the workplace requires expert knowledge and know-how because it pertains to the safety of the workers and the work location. Therefore, it is integral that it functions properly in case it ever needs to be used. Equipment that falls into this category includes fire extinguishers and emergency lighting systems. Test and Tag Courses are available with us here at Intelligent Training Solutions, as well as Fire Extinguisher Testing Courses, so you or your workplace can gain the expertise and upskill in your career.

Obtaining the Relevant Qualifications & Required Knowledge

Undertaking these safety tests is imperative within the workplace and requires specialist knowledge and expertise. With our fire extinguisher testing courses here at Intelligent Training Solutions, we offer the CPPFES2020 Conduct Routine Inspection and Testing of Fire Extinguishers and Fire Blankets certificate, which certifies you as a ‘competent person’ in establishing the essential safety measures and maintenance in accordance with the Australian Standards and the Essentials Safety Measures Building Code of Australia (BCA). In conjunction with this, we offer the test and tag course in CPPFES2026 Inspect and Test Emergency Lighting and Exit Sign Systems.

Avoid Risk or Fines in the Workplace and Upskill with Intelligent Training Solutions

Your workplace may be at risk of fines if the safety equipment is not up to standard. Avoid the risk of compromised safety in the workplace and upskill your career with an essential skill that isn’t going anywhere! Contact Intelligent Training Solutions today or enrol in our courses online.