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First aid training in Melbourne is highly recommended and even required in many industries to ensure staff are prepared for an emergency. Intelligent Training Solutions leads the way as a nationally accredited and registered training organisation. Read more about our first aid CPR training and how it can save lives in emergency scenarios.

CPR First Aid Training Concept


Choking remains a top concern for child services and education workplaces. Kidsafe Victoria reported a 17% increase in child choking incidents from 2019 to 2020, prompting calls for renewed first aid CPR training. Anyone working with children should understand the signs of choking and how to use back blows and chest thrusts to assist until emergency responders arrive.


Anaphylaxis is another emergency addressed at our first aid courses in Melbourne. In the event of a severe allergic reaction, education, childcare and disability workers need to know how to administer adrenaline. Anaphylaxis first aid courses explain the signs of an anaphylaxis attack and how to implement a risk management plan.


With Victoria’s changing weather conditions, asthma is a serious health risk everyone should be aware of. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reports 1 in 10 Aussie kids 14 years or younger have long-term asthma. First aid courses outline the signs of an asthma attack, rescue inhaler administration and risk management.

Cardiac Arrest

First aid CPR training also applies during cardiac arrest. In fact, Ambulance Victoria reports a higher survival rate for cases of cardiac arrest with bystander CPR compared to waiting for emergency services to arrive. If someone loses consciousness and stops breathing, CPR can mean the difference between life and death. Classroom simulations during CPR training provide a real-world approach that helps people feel more prepared and confident in their ability to respond during an emergency.

Enrol in Professional First Aid Training in Melbourne

Intelligent Training Solutions offers a variety of first aid CPR training courses to make workplaces safer and ensure an appropriate response in a health emergency situation. Enrol today so you can be prepared for the unexpected with accredited first aid courses in Melbourne.