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Intelligent Training Solutions is pleased to be Victoria’s leader in working at heights training for construction and industrial workplaces. If you want to conduct or supervise tasks at height, a working at heights course will give you the necessary skills and knowledge to do so. Here are the top skills you can expect to learn during working at heights training.

working at heights training

Site Requirements & Inspection

This training course opens with an overview of the heights industry and the most common hazards. It’s critically important to be aware of technical hazards and safety risks and know how to inspect worksites before ascending to possibly dangerous heights or allowing anyone else to. For example, you need to watch out for fragile roofing, inclement weather and falling objects that could cause harm to workers.

Risk Assessment

As you will learn during your work safely at heights course, you need to conduct a risk assessment of the working environment every time. Mitigating the risks is of utmost importance when using safety equipment to work at heights. As part of this assessment, you will need to plan for fall prevention instead of fall arrest to protect workers as much as possible.

Equipment Checks

Working at heights industry training teaches you about hazard control and maintaining proper safety equipment. You will need to know how to check equipment for faults or improper fits prior to use. Temporary work platforms, fall protection devices and personal protective equipment all require regular compliance checks.

Reporting & Supervising

Workplace reporting is another skill you will master while training to work safely at heights. It’s your responsibility to maintain equipment safety records and report any incidents to the relevant authorities. Once you know the ins and outs of reporting, you can prove yourself to be a team leader and open up new opportunities to manage and supervise work environments.

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