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Types of Confined Spaces You May Encounter on the Job

Confined spaces training is a crucial requirement for construction industry training, as workers and employers need to be up-to-date on the latest safety requirements. Construction career prep with a trusted industry training specialist should cover confined spaces training, as well as the different types of confined spaces you may encounter on the job.

Let’s take a closer look at some examples of confined spaces and what to expect when working in these environments.


Pressure Vessels

As construction and industrial career prep experts will explain, pressure vessels are a prime example of confined spaces. These enclosed containers store liquids, gases, and vapours at much higher or lower pressures than the ambient pressure, which is why there are more safety risks involved. Confined spaces training ensures workers are prepared to navigate potentially hazardous gases within pressure vessels.



Industry training will also bring up boilers as a type of confined space that requires employees to be certified before work begins. Boilers are closed heating vessels that distribute heated fluid for water and building heating, cooking, sanitation, and power generation. If a contractor has to work near a boiler, then confined spaces training is a must.



Plumbers working with pipes usually encounter confined spaces where the pipes are installed, such as under the ground or behind walls. These areas are not designed to be occupied by a person, making them a confined space according to the Safe Work Australia Code of Practice. Plumbing companies and contractors need to retain current confined spaces entry certifications so they can complete all required pipework.


Storage Tanks

Storage tanks and similar tight spaces like sewers, pits, and degreasers are also confined spaces that need to be properly monitored and managed for employee entry. Whether partially or fully enclosed, these tanks are likely risks to health and safety due to a lack of safe oxygen levels or the presence of contaminants. Professional confined spaces entry training will promote employee safety during these settings.


Career Prep with Confined Spaces Training

Employee safety always comes first, and the more prepared you can be for potential risks on the job, the better. Intelligent Training Solutions offers accredited construction courses, so sign up today to earn enter and work in confined spaces or work safely at heights qualifications.