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If you work in the Victorian construction industry or are looking to get started in this career path, you can complete your silica course with Intelligent Training Solutions. This is a relatively new requirement for the industry and one that will set you up for safety and success in your construction career. Keep reading to learn about our silica course and why a silica certification is recommended for workers in the building industry.

silica course

Introduction to Silica and it’s Risks

Crystalline silica dust is a natural mineral present in a variety of construction materials, including concrete, tiles, bricks, engineered stone and mortar. According to WorkSafe Victoria, engineered stone has the highest crystalline silica content, averaging 40% to 95%, while autoclaved aerated concrete can be anywhere from 20% to 40%. Ceramic tiles range from 5% to 45% crystalline silica content, while brick has 5% to 15% typically. If you are working with these materials, then a silica awareness course is essential to ensure your workplace safety.

What Silica Certification Means for You

Completing a silica course will give you the tools, knowledge and awareness needed to safely work with construction materials containing crystalline silica dust. WorkSafe Victoria has set exposure limits for employers and employees to follow, so you will learn how to evaluate risks and maintain a safe working environment in accordance with these latest industry regulations.

As part of your silica certification, you will also learn to:

  • Identify products containing crystalline silica
  • Review guidelines, standards and hazards
  • Maintain a safe environment for workers using silica products
  • Document with safety data sheets
  • Implement safety procedures to prevent excessive silica exposure
  • Monitor for signs of silica exposure

Employers will be looking for this certification as training becomes mandatory for more areas of the construction industry. If you want to take the next step in your construction career, silica certification is a sensible move.

Sign Up for Intelligent Training Solutions Silica Course in Victoria

Intelligent Training Solutions offers a silica course to prepare you for high-risk work and ensure safety throughout the construction industry. You can enquire online to learn more from our certified industry trainers in Victoria.