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Teenage Boy Taking A Driving Lesson

If you’re passionate about teaching and driving, it may be time to consider how to learn to be a driving instructor. This career path requires an interest in education and road safety, and as you will learn in driving instructor training, it can be incredibly rewarding. After all, driving instructors are responsible for covering road rules and teaching vehicle safety to prepare the next generation of drivers. It’s about safety, security and society, however it’s also about harnessing freedom and independence.

While considering a driving instructor course, it’s important to keep the key qualities of the best driving instructors in mind. If you possess these qualities or think you can improve on such requirements through experience and education, you could have a bright future as a qualified driving instructor.

Great Communication

First, anyone who wants to learn to be a driving instructor should have strong communication skills. Clear communication is key to success in any job, but especially driving instruction, where educators need to discuss essential road rules and safety concerns with students. If students feel they can openly communicate any questions or hesitations, then their driving instructors can help them succeed, without hesitation or apprehension.


Speaking of communication skills, patience is key when speaking with driving students who may not understand all the road and vehicle safety concepts right away. Learning to drive is easier for some people than others, and students that need a little extra time or guidance deserve patient professionalism from their qualified instructors.

Road Knowledge

A good driving instructor also has extensive knowledge of road rules and regulations. Driving instructors should be experts in their field and able to answer students’ questions about staying safe on the road or operating a certain type of vehicle. The more hands-on experience a driving instructor has, the better.


Finally, a friendly yet professional attitude is necessary for those going through driving instructor training. After completing a driving instructor course and obtaining Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV) certification, successful instructors will be professional and encouraging to all students. Potential drivers want to feel respected by their driving instructors and vice versa, so a professional yet personable approach is ideal.

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