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Close up view of driving instructor holding checklist while in background female student steering and driving car.

Driving is a huge part of daily life in Australia with over 20 million registered vehicles nationwide. Proper training is crucial to preparing drivers for the road and ensuring everyone feels safe and comfortable behind the wheel. Driving instructors have an essential job as they educate the next generation of drivers, and Intelligent Training Solutions is here to help. As Victoria’s leader in driving instructor training with expanded course offerings in South Australia and ACT, we can open the door to a new career opportunity that’s both professionally and personally fulfilling. Let’s go through the biggest highlights of being a certified driving instructor to see if this job path is right for you.

High Demand for Driving Instructors

One of the biggest reasons to become a car driving instructor is the continued demand for driving courses required to become licenced in Australia. Every year thousands of Australians look forward to turning 18 and getting their licence, so they sign up for driving courses for both classroom and practical hands-on education. Older Australians may look to get their licence for a variety of reasons as well, so the demand is always there.

Comfortable Work Conditions

If you decide to be a driving instructor, you can look forward to years of steady work and a comfortable environment where you have the option to run your own business. Think about flexibility and competitive pay, plus sitting in a car and meeting new people rather than being stuck in an office all day. If you enjoy driving and talking to others, then a career as a driving instructor is definitely worth considering.

Driving Instructors Make a Difference

Finally, the best part of being a driving instructor is making a difference in Australian road safety. Driving courses teach car, van, truck, bus and motorcycle drivers how to navigate roads safely. The instructors who lead these courses are an inspiration and a valuable resource for learning drivers. This is a highly interactive career opportunity where you get to benefit your local community by educating drivers and keeping the roadways safe.

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Ready for a rewarding career as a driving instructor? Intelligent Training Solutions offers comprehensive courses and certifications for the car, heavy vehicle, and motorcycle driver training industry. Make the most of our driving instructor course so you can help Australians stay safer on the road.