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What Jobs Am I Qualified to Do if I Have a Working at Heights Qualification?

Career training is very important in the construction, resources, and infrastructure industries where employee safety must come first. If you’re interested in career training to further your professional prospects, then working at heights training may be worthwhile for you. Let’s take a closer look at the jobs you can do with a valid working at heights qualification.


Employee safety must be taken seriously when working on roofs, as the extra elevation poses slip and fall hazards. If you complete a working at heights course, you can explore fulfilling work as a roofer, whether it be residential, commercial or industrial. Training focuses on fall prevention so you’ll know how to avoid accidents in the first place whenever climbing or standing on a roof.


The building industry is booming all around Victoria, and steel workers are needed to ensure steel structures are installed and maintained safely. There are obvious heights involved when working on elevated roadways, bridges, or skyscrapers, so steelwork specialists are required to have recently completed working at heights training from an accredited provider.

Lighting Technicians

Many lighting technicians also need to work at heights, which may include tall ladders, catwalks, and even heavy machinery to reach substantial lighting sources. That’s why a working at heights course is so important for lighting professionals who must be able to install, maintain, and repair lighting on a wide variety of sites from commercial offices to sports stadiums and everything in between.

Glaziers and Window Cleaners

Another career in which you could do with accredited working at heights training, glaziers are responsible for installing building windows and while some jobs may be close to the ground, like storefronts or restaurants, the majority will be up in tall office buildings and skyscrapers. The same goes for window washers who are often suspended from great heights to complete their duties.

Earn a Working at Heights Qualification

Interested in more training on safety? Are you a manager running a construction team? Undergoing working at heights training ensures anyone working at heights or overseeing others who work at heights is well-prepared and knowledgeable about the safety risks. Enrol in accredited courses with Intelligent Training Solutions to ensure you know how you and your team can work safely at heights and enter confined spaces in Victoria.