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A variety of Victorian industries require confined spaces training, from construction to electrical, pest control to rescue personnel and many more. To meet Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) requirements, employers must ensure anyone entering a confined space is qualified under an issued permit. If you plan to enter and work in confined spaces, here’s what you need to know from Intelligent Training Solutions.

confined spaces training

Employees Entering and Working in Confined Spaces

Confined spaces training by a registered training organisation like Intelligent Training Solutions gives you comprehensive training with a nationally accredited provider. This is the first step in enhancing safety skills and becoming an expert in confined spaces. This course authorises workers to perform basic risk assessments while entering a confined space to conduct work with a valid permit. Our face-to-face course in East Keilor takes up to seven hours and prepares employees and their workplaces to safely manage the risks of confined spaces like tanks, pits, pipes, ducts, chimneys and pressure vessels.

Why Confined Spaces Training is Needed for Industrial Workers

There are risks and hazards of entering and working in a partially or fully enclosed space, which is why all people working within confined spaces need to complete this training first. According to the Safe Work Australia Code of Practice, a confined space is:

  • not intended to be primarily occupied by a person
  • designed to be at normal atmospheric pressure while any person is inside the space
  • a possible health and safety risk due to low oxygen levels, contaminants, harmful concentrations or engulfment

Certified confined spaces training ensures workers have the skills and knowledge to identify hazards and control the environment safely.

Confined Spaces Risk Assessment

Upon completion of confined spaces training, workers will know how to conduct a risk assessment of an enclosed working environment. This course covers the procedures for safely entering confined spaces and conducting work-related activities under an issued permit. Our industry experts teach participants how to identify hazards, implement control measures and perform confined spaces work in accordance with industry regulations.

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Intelligent Training Solutions offers public confined spaces training courses monthly, as well as private and corporate bookings available onsite. Learn more and enrol in confined spaces training in Victoria today.