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Why You Need to Regularly Test Safety Equipment

Testing your safety and emergency equipment in the workplace is an essential part of keeping up to date with workplace OHS/WHS. There are many reasons why you need to test fire extinguishers and or emergency lighting systems regularly. They all pertain to your safety in the workplace and the safety of your colleagues. When emergency equipment is old and outdated, it may stop working as intended; this means that in the event of an emergency, your emergency lighting, emergency exits or fire extinguishers may be faulty or perform poorly.

There is no way to tell if this safety equipment has become dysfunctional except through regular maintenance and inspection in accordance with building code requirements and the Australian Standards.

Emergency Equipment is Old

If your emergency safety equipment has aged and become too old to meet the relevant safety standards, it may not work correctly anymore. Here at Intelligent Training Solutions, we offer Test and Tag Courses in Victoria and nationwide so that you can upskill in this essential field and do these inspections yourself. Whether for your workplace or as a sole independent trader working for others, this course can be a fantastic way to take control of your career, your expertise and your independent know-how.

Functions as it is Intended in the Case of Emergency

It is essential that the safety and emergency equipment in the workplace functions as intended when required. By not regularly having your equipment checked, tested and tagged, you and your workplace are at significant risk of fault, which may eventuate in a fine.

It’s Impossible to Tell if it Needs to be Replaced

There is no way of telling whether your safety equipment needs to be replaced unless an expert tests it. With our Fire Extinguisher Testing Course available in Victoria and nationwide, you can learn how to test your safety equipment or the emergency equipment of other workplaces and clients, as well as any routine maintenance that may be required.

Upskill in Your Career

Upskill in your career and choose to study with Intelligent Training Solutions. You can enrol online into our test and tag courses or our fire extinguisher testing courses or simply contact us today for further information.