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Cyber Safety and Social Media Program

Internet danger

Most people who use social networking sites and the Internet are well intentioned however you still need to be careful about the information that you share and how you protect it.

Intelligent Training Solutions is proud to present our Cyber Safety and Social Media program.

This program has been designed and developed to demonstrate many issues concerning current social networking sites and general Internet use. People can inadvertently or intentionally use your information to embarrass you or damage your reputation.

This program will assist your students in protecting their digital reputation in order to safe guard them in the future.

Our Cyber Safety and Social Media Program includes topics such as:

  1. Cyber Security
  2. Security for People
  3. Security for Devices
  4. Your digital Reputation | People Data
  5. Informal Social Network Investigation

Intelligent Training Solutions have designed and developed in house materials that are engaging, informative and most importantly non-patronising to your students. Unlike many Cyber Safety courses, a rehash of “Tagged” or “Meagan’s Story” is not part of our program. Intelligent Training Solutions have strived towards sharing relevant information which continues from the students current knowledge level.

In order to remain current our staff are researching topics on a daily basis.

Training Location

We are committed to this community based program which is delivered on campus at your school.

Regardless of your class size or school’s location we will endeavour to deliver this program to your students.

Course Duration

Our Cyber Safety and Social Media program is flexible in delivery with this program being delivered all year round. Regardless if we deliver a “one-off” or “series” of sessions we are more than happy to meet with you and discuss a course structure that suits your school’s needs.

2014 Program Fees

There are a number of considerations involved when formulating a price for this program such as the number of subject taught, location of delivery etc… We would suggest contacting our office and speaking with our Training Manager to discuss the costs involved with your school.

Resource Requirements

As this program is delivered on site, participating schools will need to provide a suitable classroom able to accommodate the enrolled participants.

Training Materials

It is recommended and encouraged that student’s bring in their mobile devices, tablets etc… All other training materials will be provided by Intelligent Training Solutions.

Bookings and Enrolments

If you are interested and would like to speak with our Training Manager in more detail or wish to make a booking for your school or class please contact our office by completing our Enquiry Form.

Enquire Now

We look forward to visiting your school soon.


Intelligent Training Solutions is a private company and is not affiliated, endorsed or sponsored by any of the social media platforms or networking sites.