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Our Blended Delivery Format Explained

What is blended delivery and how does the Express course work?

Blended LearningWhat is blended delivery?

Our blended delivery course is a flexible approach to teaching and learning that uses a combination of either online or handwritten personal study and face to face classes.

What are the benefits of blended delivery?

There are a number of different benefits to a blended delivery approach to education and training both in the workplace and for individuals.

Blended delivery improves access to training for individuals by giving them the flexibility and freedom to learn anytime, anywhere. Blended delivery also provides students with control over the pace of their learning so that difficult concepts can be reviewed as often as required.

The benefits for employers are many. Employers can save time, money, and more importantly human resources allowing them to up-skill their workforce without massive amounts of downtime in productivity.

Who should use a blended delivery approach?

Those who will benefit the most from a blended delivery approach are:

  • Employers that want to ensure they are meeting their obligations under the Workplace Health and Safety (National, expect VIC) OR Occupational Health and Safety (VIC) regulations;
  • Any individual that requires “gap training” following changes to industry standards that might mean they would no longer be deemed competent;
  • Any person that wants to up-skill or demonstrate their skill level and competency to a prospective employer.
  • Any individual that requires this certificate but can not afford to take time from paid employment to complete a two-day course.

When can I enrol into a blended delivery course?

The great news about a blended delivery course that you can join anytime you like. Practical sessions are scheduled below. Call us for more information.

What is the quickest amount of time I can complete this course?

Due to the nature of this course and the amount of information we provide you to satisfactory gain the knowledge and experience required by a fire extinguisher service technician, most learners will need a minimum of 10 hours complete this course with a maximum of 16 hours. As with any blended delivery course, the amount of time required to complete a certification depends directly on the amount of time you dedicate to your study and will also depend on your previous experiences and knowledge of the subject matter.

What is the maximum amount of time I can take to complete this qualification?

Practical sessions are scheduled on a fixed timetable. With regard to your personal study component, you will be provided with a Welcome email containing instructions on how to access, and complete, your work. You will have access to your personal study component within 24 hours from date of enrollment. We recommend that you complete your personal study part before attending the practical session, however, if you were unable to do that you will have a maximum of 3 working days from the date of the actual course to complete your personal study component.

Do I need to complete the personal study component before the practical session?

We recommend that you complete the personal study component before the practical session however it is not compulsory. We have developed our course to ensure that the two elements (personal study component and practical component) are not dependent on each other, in other words, you will not be disadvantaged should you not have completed the personal study part first.

Sounds great, what’s next?

Our courses are informative, engaging and practical. Furthermore, our professional network together with our industry links will provide you with the latest updates, general information well beyond your time with us on the course.