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Dear Cameron and all the team @ ITS,

I congratulate you on a great experience and learning program. I found it difficult at the beginning but, as all adult learners, we are stubborn and want to know the relevance of each module. As I discovered, some of the content is a little abstract for our industry however despite this I have found the challenges of this course interesting.

Regardless of the difficulties your business has endured with the sudden departure of a course trainer, your trainers have been able to smile about it and move forward. I appreciate the time you have spent with me when there were others in the class that had greater needs than mine.

Please pass my sincere thanks to Marc Toussaint for his special efforts. Mark has gone to extraordinary lengths to help myself, Ali and Drew in the practical preparation.

Kind Regards Robert

(Former CDI Student, October 2013) TLI41210 CDI Course