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Manual pull fire alarm switch safety system box installed and fire extinguisher on white wall background.

Regularly inspecting and testing fire equipment in commercial spaces is essential and mandated by law in Victoria. This includes fire extinguishers, fire blankets and smoke alarms. At Intelligent Training Solutions, our specialised test and tag courses are designed to train individuals to competently provide commercial test and tag services for fire equipment. Below, we look at what exactly that entails and why qualifications are essential.

Fire Extinguishers

Inspecting and testing fire extinguishers is a legal requirement for all Australian organisations, whether a restaurant or an office complex. Failing to comply with period checks or doing so incorrectly can result in un-serviced equipment that fails to do its job when a fire breaks out. Any injuries or deaths that occur as a result may be considered due to negligence. According to the AS1851, fire extinguisher tests and refilling should occur as follows:

  • Portable and wheeled fire extinguishers must be tested every 6 months
  • Pressure testing and refills should be carried out at least every 5 years

Records of the tests and their dates are kept on a metal tag attached to each fire extinguisher, thus the term ‘test and tag’. Only a trained individual should be distributing these tags.

Smoke Alarms

Regularly testing smoke alarms is another mandatory requirement in every commercial building, enforced to protect all occupants by alerting them to fires as soon as possible. A test and tag technician can also perform period smoke alarm checks using smoke simulation methods, ensuring all smoke alarms are in good working order.

Fire Blankets

Regular fire blanket inspections and maintenance is also compulsory in every workplace as a safety requirement. A test and tag fire safety technician should also be trained to oversee the installation and regular inspection and servicing of fire blankets that keep all staff and members of the public safe from fire hazards and ensure your business is compliant. Fire blanket inspections must take place every six months and ensure the fire blanket is accessible and functional to ensure it can be used by anyone nearby when required.

Explore Fire Blanket and Fire Extinguisher Testing Courses

If you’re interested in becoming qualified to inspect and test fire blankets and fire extinguishers, study one of our fire extinguisher testing courses at Intelligent Training Solutions in Victoria today. Enrol in one of our test and tag courses online now or feel free to contact us for more information.