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With road accidents on the rise and so many risks in the form of other drivers and bad weather, defensive driving is incredibly important. With the right training and skillset, Victorian drivers can be prepared for hazards and respond accordingly, helping to avoid accidents and ultimately save lives. If you’re eager to learn more and become a better driver, then a safe driving program with a defensive driver course is perfect for you. Speak to Intelligent Training Solutions today to learn how our courses can help you.

Defensive Driving

Who Should Attend Defensive Driver Training

At Intelligent Training Solutions Defensive Driving School courses/lessons, we welcome Victorians who want to hone their driving skills and improve on-road safety. This may be a learner, probationary or fully licenced driver, each of whom can reduce vehicle running costs by participating in a defensive driving course. We also work with drivers who need to complete driver training as part of a legal process or court case. Whatever your motivation may be, you can look forward to enhanced driving skills and response times. Take what you learn in our course and apply it to your time behind the wheel.

What You Will Learn in a Defensive Driving Course

Defensive driving is about increasing road safety by preparing for traffic hazards and responding ahead of time. At our Defensive Driving School session/lesson/course, you will learn about driver psychology, driver distraction, fatigue management and best practice driving strategies. This knowledge, combined with road rule updates, should give you more confidence to react quickly and safely to a wide range of road hazards, whether they be related to traffic conditions, weather or other external factors. The more you are able to anticipate, the more you can control, even when the unexpected happens.

Sign Up for Victoria’s Leading Defensive Driving School Course

If you’re ready to become a better driver and stay safer on the road, then we would love to see you at Intelligent Training Solutions for face-to-face learning. Our Safe Driver Program includes half and full-day defensive driver courses so you can choose a course that suits your needs and your driving goals. Contact us with any questions about our defensive driving program.