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Being a driving instructor can be a rewarding task, giving you the responsibility of guiding new drivers into being safe, knowledgeable road users. At Intelligent Training Solutions, we have been involved in the delivery and development of driver instructor training in Victoria since 1998. If you’re considering becoming a driving instructor, keep in mind some of the following key qualities an effective driving instructor ideally possesses. Alternatively, learn to be a driving instructor with us today and get in touch to learn more!

Communication Skills

Strong communication skills are an absolute must for an effective driving instructor. This means being able to instruct students clearly and calmly on road rules and safety concerns in a way they understand. Students should feel comfortable asking questions and relaying their fears or apprehensions with you as you help them build confidence on the road.

Effective driving instructors are patient and supportive, with an understanding that different people may struggle with different aspects of learning a new skill, while others may require more guidance in general. This is especially important for first time drivers who are afraid of getting behind the wheel or who may have had negative experiences being taught to drive in the past.

Competence and Knowledge

Of course, extensive experience and expertise in operating a variety of vehicles is also essential. A driving instructor must have a full understanding of different road rules and signage and all the ways these rules apply in various scenarios. They must keep up to date with any relevant legislative changes as well as understand the fundamentals of safe driving practices and how to teach a student to be a conscientious, mindful road user.

Qualified Professional

Completing a driving instructor course and obtaining (CPVV) certification is essential to becoming an effective driving instructor. A qualified, professional driving instructor can pinpoint specific areas a student needs to improve in and how to help them address it. Most importantly, they understand how to start, when to advance and when and how to test a student’s skills in different scenarios.

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Learn to be a driving instructor at Intelligent Training Solutions in Victoria. Our driving instructor course equips you with the skill set and knowledge to effectively teach students to drive. Contact us about driving instructor training and get started today.