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Driving instructor writing down results of exam, closeup

Ready to take your road safety knowledge to new heights? Intelligent Training Solutions offers a driving instructor course and leads the way in Victorian defensive driving training. If you or your team want to drive safer and smarter, we have options for you at our state-of-the-art driving facility. Let’s go through the basics of our defensive driving course so you can learn more about this theory and how to apply it to daily driving.

How Defensive Driving Works

Defensive driving is all about anticipating danger and responding appropriately on the road. Safe driving techniques enable drivers to identify potential hazards and adapt accordingly, whether to adverse road conditions or mistakes made by other drivers. Poor decisions about driving speed and time can have devastating consequences, so it’s important that drivers remain alert at all times.

The more experience you have in defensive driving, the more naturally it will come to you. Low-grip roads, high-speed zones, water crossings and hills are just a few examples of environments where defensive driving makes a significant difference. Given Australia’s busy motorways and rugged landscape, defensive driving should be a top priority for anyone getting behind the wheel.

Where to Learn Defensive Driving

A local safe driving course provider is the best option when learning to drive defensively. At ITS, we train individuals and corporate groups wanting to enhance their on-road skills and reduce insurance liability by learning the ins and outs of defensive driving. We also specialise in a one-on-one defensive driving course for those wanting to safely navigate unpredictable road conditions. The key elements of defensive driving training include:

  • Driver psychology and distraction
  • Connection between ECO driving and reduced crash rate
  • Fatigue management
  • Road rule updates
  • Best practice defensive driving strategies
  • Busy brain syndrome
  • Proactive driving systems (Hendon, Smith, Commentary)

New Opportunities with Defensive Driving Courses in Victoria

Intelligent Training Solutions offers defensive driving courses for individuals and corporate groups. We also offer a popular driving instructor course. Enrol in one of our courses today so you can learn defensive driving techniques and practice safer driving in unpredictable conditions.