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Why Becoming a Driving Instructor is a Great Career Choice

Undergoing a career path change can sometimes be intimidating, but that’s why Intelligent Training Solutions is here to help. We are experts in upskilling and helping those seeking an empowering change in their life, career and financial situation. We think that our driving instructor courses are a great career choice if you’re looking for a financially rewarding and fulfilling career that helps and empowers others and provides you with the freedom to work for yourself. 

Potential Financial Rewards

Whether you’re looking to earn extra money on the side or looking for a full-time career change, learning to be a driving instructor can prove financially beneficial for you and your family. Like any career path, your financial rewards will reflect the time and effort you put into it. 

The standard yearly income of a full-time driving instructor varies depending on the State that you live in. For example, in South Australia, lesson prices currently sit between $85 to $100 per hour, providing full-time SA instructors with an annual income of around $122,400* to $144,000*. In comparison, the lesson price for Victorian instructors ranges between $60 to $70 per hour, earning a full-time instructor, an annual income of between $86,400* and $93,000* per year, so it can be fruitful to change careers. 

*PLEASE NOTE: Calculations shown here are represented as a gross income (before tax) and are based on a 40 hour week, completing six lessons per day over five days, 48 weeks of the year. It does not include the additional income generated from accompanying your client to their driving test.  The hourly rate for drive tests is above the lesson fee.  These figures do not include the costs associated with running a business and vehicle for the purpose of driver training. To view a detailed cost analysis of how much you can earn and what it costs to run a driving school, don’t hesitate to contact us for an information pack.   

Once you’ve undergone the Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics, there are additional employment opportunities beyond learn to drive.  Pre-driver education, corporate driver training, heavy vehicle driver training, post-licence driver education, just to name a few, are available.  They extend your opportunities and go above and beyond your expectations 

Fulfilling Career Helping Others

Learning to be a driving instructor is an incredibly fulfilling venture. This is a career path wherein you help people meet their goals, learn vital new skills, feel empowered and in control of their own lives, and you can watch all the excitement from the passenger seat! You can become “An agent for change”

The Freedom to Work for Yourself

The most popular perk to undergoing driving instructor courses and qualifications is, of course, the freedom to work for yourself! Whether you would like to work for an organisation or you’d rather be completely independent, the choice is now yours! You can schedule your appointments to suit your lifestyle, and your working hours will now be within your control.

Get Your Qualification with Intelligent Training Solutions

Choose Intelligent Training Solutions for your driving instructor course and make the change you’ve been yearning for! Feel free to check out our enrolments online or contact us today for more information.