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student driver taking driving test

Becoming a driving instructor may be the perfect move for you if you love getting behind the wheel and are looking to make a career change. At Intelligent Training Solutions, we help Victorians who want to learn to be a driving instructor. With our driving instructor course, you can gain a qualification that improves your job opportunities, job satisfaction and pay bracket. Here are some of the reasons why you might be interested.

You’ve Had Past Success

Most people who consider a career as a driving instructor first find their passion after successfully teaching someone they know how to drive. This could be one or several of their children, a niece or nephew, another family member or even some friends.

You may be confident in your own driving ability and knowledge and feel you may be able to teach others to do the same. This is especially the case if you’ve taught someone you know, gotten good feedback about your teaching and found the process rewarding.

You’re a People Person

Being a professional driving instructor is about a lot more than being a good driver and understanding the rules. You must have a knack for teaching a skills-based task while at the same time having the ideal personality attributes to guide a nervous, novice driver on their way to becoming a confident, safe user of our roads.

This means having great communication skills, patience and empathy. Driving instructors must be able to accommodate the different emotions, learning styles, intuitions, insecurities, fears and other hurdles and contingencies involved in instructing new drivers, many of whom will vary in their innate ability to drive.

You’re Business Savvy

After completing a driving instructor training course, you may work as an employee or a subcontractor for another driving school. But for many, becoming a driving instructor means you get to run your own driving school business.

This means you need the skills and willingness to handle things like managing bookings, sales budgeting, marketing, financial reporting and tax implications. If that’s something you’ve always wanted to do, it can be freeing and one of the easier pathways to running your own business.

Build on Your Skills Driving Instructor Training in Victoria

Learn to be a driving instructor at Intelligent Training Solutions in Victoria. Our driving instructor course equips you with the skill set and knowledge to effectively teach students to drive. Contact us about driving instructor training and get started today.