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T&Cs Clause 2 – Course Deferment – Deferring from a course

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Deferring from a course


Before you apply to defer from a course, it is strongly recommended that you discuss the matter with your course coordinator. Depending on your date of deferral, you may still be liable for fees related to any non-completed component of your current units.

You cannot defer your course enrolment to avoid the requirement to show cause for unsatisfactory academic progress in a given academic year. Students may defer from an accredited course for a maximum period of six months. If, during your deferral period, your course code or course criteria is updated or changed by, you may be required to pay additional course enrolment fees so that you can be enrolled into the newest or current version of your course.

To defer from your course you will need to complete a deferral application form. This form can be completed online.

LINK: Deferral / Withdrawal Application Form



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