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T&Cs Clause 3 – Course Withdrawal – Withdrawing from a course

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Withdrawing from a course

Before you apply to withdraw from an accredited course, it is strongly recommended that you discuss the matter with your course coordinator. Withdrawing from a course will make you liable for any remaining or outstanding fees relating to your course or any non-completed units of competence, as Intelligent Training Solutions has already secured trainers, training venues, course resources and printed materials for you.

Your attendance has been included as part of the course, and therefore, withdrawing from your course will result in a vacant position within the course and will deprive Intelligent Training Solutions and the course of the revenue it would provide.

You cannot withdraw from your course enrolment to avoid the requirement to show cause for unsatisfactory academic progress in a given academic year.

To withdraw from your course you will need to complete a withdrawal application form. This form can be completed online using the link below. 

LINK: Deferral / Withdrawal Application Form



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