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When will my completed units appear on my USI?

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Who is responsible for updating my USI?

There are two parties responsible for adding your results to your USI statement. The first is the RTO who, under the Standards for RTOs 2015, are required to submit their AVETMISS data annually, normally in January or February of any given year. The second organisation responsible for your USI is the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) who collects and manages the AVETMISS data sent in by an RTO. NCVER is responsible for updating your USI record.  

The NCVER does encourage TAFEs and RTOs to report quarterly on ‘fee for service’ training conducted over the year, however, this is a recommendation and not a standard or requirement. Unfortunately, Intelligent Training Solutions meets its compliance obligation under this standard by reporting annually. 

How important is it to have my course and or units appear on my USI?

Your VET transcript may be a useful backup if the original document is lost and cannot be replaced (for example, if the training provider is no longer operating), however having your course appear on your USI is not essential. In the event you are required to show proof of having completed a course and or a unit of competency, you can simply provide the Certificate and or Statement of Attainment that was issued to you when you completed. If you have lost your Certificate and or Statement of Attainment, you can contact your training provider and request a replacement for a small fee.

Your VET transcript (USI) does NOT:

  • replace the statement of attainment you receive from your RTO
  • show training undertaken before 2015
  • include any higher education qualifications.

How long will it take for my course to appear on my USI?

As our AVETMISS reporting requirement is annual, all of the previous year’s results are sent to NCVER in January of the following year. For example, if you completed your course with us in 2021, our administration and compliance team will pack up and send the 2021 date to NCVER in January of 2022. From here, we would expect that NCVER would have updated your USI within a few weeks of receiving our data. Unfortuantley, NCVER timeframe for updating records is not known to us. 

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