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T&Cs Clause 10 – Awards, Certificates, Records of Results, Statement of Attainments

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Awards, Certificates, Records of Results, Statements of Attainments


PDF Awards (Certificates)

PDF awards will be issued for all short courses and non-accredited courses. Students will receive their awards (Certificate, Statement of Attainment etc.) via a PDF document sent to the student’s email address listed on the student enrolment form.


Printed Awards (Certificates)

Printed (Hard Copy) awards will be issued (free of charge) for all qualification courses such as Certificate II, Certificate III, Certificate IV, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma courses. In addition to qualification courses, the following courses/clients will also be issued a printed awards free of charge.

  • CPPFES2020
  • CPPFES2026
  • All corporate clients/corporate bookings*


*Please Note: For all corporate clients/corporate bookings, Intelligent Training Solutions collate the entire group’s printed awards, then bulk mail them to the organiser/employer of the event. Course participants can collect their printed awards from their employers. In the event that an employee (student) leaves their employer, the student can contact Intelligent Training Solutions directly to have their award re-issued in PDF format.     



All printed awards will be sent via Australia Post using their regular mail service. Please allow between 2 to 14 business days for your award to arrive. The time required will depend on your delivery location and Australia Posts’ capacity to deliver. 


Withdrawing from a course


Students are entitled, at no additional cost, to a formal Statement of Attainment (SOA) on course withdrawal, provided that all fees related to the units of competency shown on the Statement of Attainment are paid in full. 


Lost or damaged Awards

Course credentials (awards, statements of attainments, transcripts) will not be issued to students who are in breach of any part of this agreement. Additional or re-prints of Statements or Certificates will incur a $7.50 fee which will need to be paid upfront.

To re-order an award, visit:


Changing a student’s name on an award


If a student requires their name to be changed on their award, for example: changing the family name on the award from the student’s maiden name to the student’s married name, the student must first update their information against their USI. Once the student’s USI has been updated, the student must notify Intelligent Training Solutions that they have officially changed their first name or family name. To notify us, the student should email the Intelligent Training Solutions administration office with their request for a change of name and a certified copy of their Change of Name Certificate issued by Birth, Deaths, and Marriages.

Once all the steps of a name change are complete, Intelligent Training Solutions will issue the student with a PDF (and printed if requested) certificate in the correct/updated name free of charge.  




  • A $7.50 fee will be charged for all printed or re-issue (printed) awards. This fee covers the costs of reprinting the award and postage anywhere in Australia.
  • No fee will be charged for a re-issue of a PDF Award. This award will be sent via email. 



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