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T&Cs Clause 12 – Vaccination mandates for students and staff

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Government vaccine mandate orders for TAFE | High Education | Registered Training Providers and Training Sector


Staff members

In line with the Pandemic (Workplace) Order, all higher education workers (paid or Voluntary) must provide evidence to their employer that they are fully vaccinated (minimum two doses) or have a valid medical exemption to work onsite.

A copy of the evidence does not need to be held by the operator. Instead, the training provider must keep a record of having sighted the appropriate evidence.

A record should include:

  • the name of the worker or individual accessing the site;
  • their vaccination status;
  • their vaccine appointment booking (if relevant);
  • who sighted the evidence;
  • the date the evidence was sighted; and
  • the type of evidence sighted (e.g. COVID-19 vaccine digital certificate).

Whilst training provider staff are not currently required to have a third-dose or booster vaccine, it is strongly encouraged where safe to do so.



Students and other visitors are not required to be vaccinated to attend a training provider’s premises.

Students, trainees and apprentices who are attending workplaces on site for hands-on, practical learning must follow the vaccination requirements relating to their job or workplace, which may include the requirement of a booster vaccination. Please refer to the worker vaccination requirements for more information.

Checking in via a QR code system is not required for any persons attending onsite. This includes for hospitality venues such as cafes and restaurants that are on campus.


Face masks

Face masks are not required to be worn by students or staff unless it is a requirement of a workplace they are attending for hands-on, practical learning (for example, a healthcare setting).

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