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T&Cs Clause 13 – Course Resource Package (External Training Providers)

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Effective Date:  January 2020 Review Date: As Required.
Document Status: PUBLISHED Original Version: 2020.1
Authorised by: Chief Executive Officer Document Owner:  Intelligent Training Solutions

13.1 General Information: TLI41222 Course Resource Package


The TLI41222 Course Resource Package (“the Package”) has been meticulously designed and developed for utilisation within the TLI41222 Qualification, applicable to either the Car or Heavy Vehicle Skill Set (Stream). The purpose, composition, and benefits of the Package are outlined below:

1 Purpose and Target Audience: Crafted to align with the needs of External Training Providers delivering the TLI41222 Certificate IV in Motor Vehicle Driver Training Course, the Package provides essential support to both training providers and their students.
2 Content and Components: The Package includes the following elements tailored to ensure compliance and effectiveness in training:
2a Compliant Learning Materials: A comprehensive set of learning materials that adhere to the regulatory standards for the TLI41222 Qualification.
2b Training Aids and Assessment Tools: Essential aids and tools to facilitate effective learning, teaching, and assessment throughout the course.
2c Course Equipment: Including but not limited to Dual Controlled Training Vehicles, the Package offers various equipment to simulate real-world driving conditions.
2d TLI41222 Learner Portal: An exclusive online platform providing access to critical resources, information, and support, allowing seamless learning experiences.
3 Benefits and Value: The Package not only empowers the external training provider with well-structured resources but also enhances the student’s learning journey through the combination of quality materials and equipment.
4 Collaboration with Intelligent Training Solutions: The Package has been exclusively designed and developed by Intelligent Training Solutions, reflecting our commitment to excellence and innovation in driver training education
5 Usage and Conditions: The usage of the Package is bound by specific terms and conditions, ensuring alignment with legal and quality standards. All users must adhere to these provisions as set forth in the accompanying agreement.


By offering a specialised, comprehensive, and quality-assured set of resources, the TLI41222 Course Resource Package is a component for any training provider committed to delivering top-tier education in the field of Motor Vehicle Driver Training.



13.2 Usage of the TLI41222 Course Resource Package


Design and Development: The TLI41222 Course Resource Package (“the Package”) has been specifically designed and developed in consultation with the external training provider, exclusively for use by students enrolled with AITAC Pty Ltd in their Government Funded TLI41222 Course.
Subscription and Refund Policy: Once a student has subscribed to the Package, Intelligent Training Solutions does not offer any refunds in the event that the student changes their mind, withdraws from their course with AITAC, or fails to complete their course within the specified time frame stated by their agreement.
Total Costs and Decision-Making:
The total costs of the Course Resource Package are presented to each student in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before the transaction. Students should carefully consider their purchase, as no refund will be provided once the Package has been purchased or subscribed to.
Compliance Warranty:
Intelligent Training Solutions warrants the Package for compliance against the TLI41222 (Car and Heavy) Qualification and against the needs and requirements of the training provider. Any non-compliance must be reported immediately for appropriate action.
Ownership and Intellectual Property:
All resources, materials, equipment, and facilities included in the Package remain the sole property of Intelligent Training Solutions as the legal Copyright holder. Any unauthorised use, duplication, or distribution of the intellectual property contained within the Package will be pursued through the Australian Legal system.


By subscribing to or purchasing the Package, the student acknowledges and agrees to these terms, ensuring that they are fully informed of the commitments and responsibilities outlined herein.





2020.1 TLI41218 / TLI413218 Course Resource Package 17/01/2020 Alex Mueller
  • Creation of the Course Resource Package Terms and Conditions for External Providers
2021.1 TLI41221 / TLI41321 Course Resource Package 15/02/2021 Alex Mueller
  • Terms and conditions modified for new TLI41221 and TLI41321 qualification
2023.1 TLI41222 Course Resource Package 01/08/2023 Alex Mueller
  • Terms and conditions modified for new TLI41222 Certificate IV in Motor Vehicle Driver Training course (Car and Heavy Vehicle) Streams



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