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T&Cs Clause 7 – Amendment of course fees – Changes in course fees

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Your course fees may change


Intelligent Training Solutions may change their enrolment fees at any time, without notice, in response to increased operating costs, or issues impacting the local or global markets.

Once Intelligent Training Solutions has confirmed a student’s enrolment and that student has paid their enrolment fees or course deposit, that student’s course fees will not be subject to change for the normal duration of their course. Course extensions or course transfers are not subject to this clause; therefore, will be subject to price increases.

Example 1: If you are unable to complete your course in the specified time indicated by your enrolment or agreed program delivery form, you may be charged for the difference between your original enrolment fee and the current enrolment fee. This is because additional time and resources will be required to extend your enrolment. Your program coordinator will monitor your progress throughout the course and will discuss course extension options with you as early as four weeks from your completion date.


Example 2: A student enrolled in Term 2, that wishes to transfer to Term 3 may be subject to a price increase. 



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