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Accredited First Aid, First Aid for Educators and Carers and CPR Refresher Courses

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The Importance of First Aid Training: Be Prepared for Any Emergency

By News Xtend Digital / 17/04/2023
First aid training in Melbourne is highly recommended and even required in many industries to ensure staff are prepared for...
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VIC First Aid Courses: Building Confidence Saving Lives

By News Xtend Digital / 03/04/2023
First aid courses in Melbourne are valuable to people in many different fields. You can never be too safe, and...
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Educator & Carers First Aid Training Melbourne

By News Xtend Digital / 20/02/2023
Carers, teachers and school staff regularly enrol in first aid courses Melbourne, and for good reason. First aid CPR training...
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Why First Aid Courses should NOT be 100% Online

By Alex Mueller / 25/01/2023
It should be no surprise that the 100% Online First Aid course took off during the COVID-19 pandemic. Government-directed lockdowns...
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First Aid Courses: First Aid Response Guide VIC

By News Xtend Digital / 16/01/2023
There are many benefits to taking first aid courses in Melbourne. Individuals and businesses can enhance skills and gain a...
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Do You Need to Complete First Aid Training to Get a Job?

By Alex Mueller / 20/06/2022
Whether you’re just entering the job market or looking for more opportunities to expand your horizons and grow your skillset,...
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Why you should learn first aid, even if your not required to

By News Xtend Digital / 30/03/2022
Why You Should Learn First Aid (Even When it is Not Required) There are many reasons to undertake a first...
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What to look for when selecting a first aid course provider

By Alex Mueller / 17/12/2021
What to Look for When Selecting a First Aid Course Provider When considering a qualification in first aid, browsing the...
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